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Treasurer for Bristol's largest Animal Charity

Have you ever thought about giving up some of your time to be a Treasurer of a Charity?

We are the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre. We are committed to preventing cruelty and promoting kindness to animals. We are governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees who are also Directors of The Bristol Dogs and Cats Home Trust, a company limited by guarantee. We rescue, rehabilitate and provide a rehoming service for nearly 2,000 animals every year. Bristol A.R.C. has recently gone through many positive changes and we are now looking for a new Treasurer to continue the development of our charity. 
Do you have the professional expertise we are looking for and could use it to help a good cause? Are you passionate about animal welfare? If you think you have the right background and would like to be part of a committed team with overall responsibility for the charity please send a copy of your CV, or other document setting out your relevant experience, together with the reasons why you would like to be considered by post to our office at Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, 48 Albert Road, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0XA.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Key relationships:  Works closely with the Chair, Chief Executive, Finance Manager and the Board of Trustees.
Background: Finance, Strategy and Governance, Fundraising, Legal, Risk.
Summary:  The role of the Treasurer is to oversee the financial operations of the Bristol A.R.C. charities and report to the Board of Trustees at regular intervals on their financial health, in line with best practice, and in compliance with the governing documents and legal requirements.
To work with the Finance Manager and Chief Executive Officer to
Monitor the financial standing of the charities and report to the Board regarding cash-flow forecasting, income streams, budget performance and the overarching strategic management of the charities’ financial resources.
Oversee the charities’ financial risk-management process and report financial health to the Board at regular intervals.
Act as a counter-signatory on cheques and other financial documents and ensure that annual accounts are submitted to all relevant regulators in a timely fashion.
Oversee compliance with relevant charity, financial and legal legislation, rules and best practice.
Liaise with external auditors on preparation and completion of the consolidated accounts for the annual audit
Liaise with the charities’ investment managers to ensure the charities’ finances are responsibly managed/invested in accordance with agreed investment policy.
To support the regular review of professional advisors including auditors (subject to annual confirmation by RSPCA members at Branch AGM) and investment managers
Chair the Finance Committee and report recommendations to the Board
Finance and in liaison with the Finance Manager
Budgeting and strategic financial planning
Ensure all strategic plans are financially appraised and budgets are aligned to both short-term and long-term objectives each year.
Oversee the charities’ financial risk management process.
Identify opportunities to improve transparency and accountability around resource allocation and the charities’ public profile as per SORP guidelines.
Oversee the implementation and monitoring of specific financial controls and adherence to systems.
Management Reporting
Ensure a high standard of management accounting is maintained in order to safeguard assets.
Support preparation of accurate and informative management accounts to the Board regularly including variance analysis, cash-flow forecasting and balance sheet.
Statutory Financial Reporting
Board level liaison with external auditors on specific issues in the auditing process and related Board representations.
Guide and advise fellow Trustees to formally approve the annual reports and audited accounts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Financial reserves and investments
Monitor and review reserves policy on annual basis and safeguard the charities’ finances.
Review performance of investment managers and confirm compliance with investment policy and related ethical investment requirements
In relation to Governance
Lead the Board’s duty to ensure proper accounting records are kept, financial resources are controlled, invested and economically spent in line with governance, legal and regulatory requirements.
Chair the Finance Committee in line with standing orders and terms of reference and reporting findings/developments and recommendations back to the Board of Trustees.
Time Commitment
The Board currently meets at least 6 times/pa on Monday evenings from 6.15 at the main site at 48 Albert Road, Bristol BS2 0XA. Trustees are requested to make attendance a priority.
The Finance Committee is expected to meet 3-4 times/pa, ideally during working hours M - F. In addition, it is expected that the Treasurer will be available on the ‘phone / email to support and liaise with the Finance Manager particularly in advance of meetings / production of reports to Trustees.

Additional information about the role of Treasurer and about our charity is available at our website.

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