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Trustee at Element Society

We are looking for people who are passionate about the advancement of young people, irrespective of their ability or capability, so that all young people may reach their full potential. Element Society is recruiting trustees and a treasurer with dedicated attitudes to governance and strategy.

The ideal candidate will have previous board experience and must be confident to challenge decisions made by the charity in order to ensure a stable future and longevity. Trustees must be willing to actively contribute to the ongoing vision of the charity in creative and strategic ways. This requires a commitment to the charity by attending at least 4 board meeting a year.

Element Society is a rapidly growing inclusive youth charity which specialises in the development of young people aged 14-24. As a charity, we have supported thousands of young people by helping them develop their own potential and self-belief. Ultimately, helping them become assets and role models to the local community through social action. This is evidenced by 40% of young people returning to the charity to take part in further opportunities. The charity is a leading local provider of NCS, in which 300 young people gain valuable life skills each year. Alongside this, the charity also works with young people with Special Educational Needs, newly arrived migrant and coordinates ongoing social action projects. The charity is currently in a pivotal stage of mobilisation and wants to continue the positive growth it has seen in the past few years. This would enable the treasurer to be part of a truly special time at Element Society by ensuring the charity is the best it can be. Additionally, this would allow individuals to give back to the local community and help provide opportunities for young people who will shape the future. Successful parties will be asked to complete a 3-month trial period before the Charity Commission is notified of the addition of a new Treasurer to the organisation.

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