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Orangutan Foundation: Treasurer and trustee with expertise in development and fundraising

The Orangutan Foundation is a UK registered charity (No.1095660). Our mission is to ensure the future of the critically endangered orangutan and its globally important tropical forest habitat in Borneo.  Founded in 1990, we deliver a unique and diverse approach to orangutan conservation with a special focus on activities in the UK and Indonesia  . The range of activities the Foundation supports include: habitat protection and restoration, wild orangutan rescues and releases, promotion of scientific research, conservation education and awareness activities.  

The Foundation’s current board of trustees consists of eight individuals who give strategic guidance to the charity, provide expertise across a range of technical disciplines, ensure the organisation delivers against its charitable objectives, and that it complies with relevant UK statutory requirements.

The Foundation is seeking an honorary treasurer and is also looking to expand its board with the addition of one or more trustees who have expertise in funding development. We are seeking individuals who can offer their professional skills and expertise to support fellow board members, staff and volunteers; who will contribute to organisational plans and strategy to make fundraising a priority; ensure that fundraising is done to the highest standards; and who will use their contacts to guide our fundraising approaches and help diversify income streams.

The duties of the honorary treasurer are as follows:

The honorary treasurer works in close cooperation with, and provides support and advice to, the Finance Officer. The specific responsibilities of the honorary treasurer are to:

• Guide and advise the Board of Trustees in the approval of budgets, management accounts and financial statements.
• Keep the Board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities.
• Advise the trustees (and the management team) on the financial implications of the organisation’s strategic plans and annual budget, especially those which are outside the agreed boundaries of management authority.
• Confirm that the financial resources of the organisation meet its present and future needs and that there are appropriate reserves and investment policies.
• Understand the accounting procedures and key internal controls to be able to assure the Board that the charity’s financial integrity is sound.
• Ensure that the accounts are properly examined, that accepted recommendations of the auditors are implemented.
• Ensure the financial statements of the charity are prepared in accordance with applicable accounting standards.
• Make contact with the external independent examiner at least once a year.
• Assist the Finance Officer with accounting queries on an adhoc basis.
• Formally present the accounts at the annual general meeting, drawing attention to important points, either in a written report or orally.

The Foundation’s office is situated in Central London.  Trustees generally meet face-to-face a minimum of twice a year with additional conference calls involving the entire board or working groups as needed.

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