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To help prepare young people with a learning disability, who are still in school, for employment. The primary group will be young people, aged 13 - 18, with severe learning disabilities. The project will work with schools and other key stakeholders like parents, Connexions.

September 2011 - August 2012

Charity information: Aspire Living

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  • Need


    Unemployment among people with learning disabilities. Research indicates only 7.5% of people with a learning disability has a job. No students leaving Barrs Court School in Hereford (SEN School) went into employment. No one expects people with severe learning disabilities to be able to work so there are no employment programmes helping this group. They generally only work with people with mild to moderate learning disabilities after they have left school.


    We prepare young people for work. Show them that they can work. There will be a strong focus on work experience as many young people with LD do not get this opportunity. They will receive training to teach them about the world of work. This will be done by the schools and will be accredited. We will help with job search - applying for jobs, interviews and help with job matching (Proven to increase job sustainability) and provide in work support -job coaching and systematic instruction.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To provide prepare young people for work through work experience opportunities & training.


    » Work Preparation.This will involve teaching young people about work and safety, relationships, timekeeping, dress, conduct etc.
    » Work Experience, including work tasters. Placements will be based on the career aspirations of the young person & tailored to their needs.
    » In work Support. This may include job coaching (helping the young person learn the job) including systematic instruction.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...
    All young people on the project will have the opportunity of a work experience placement.

    Aim 2

    To support young people into paid employment after they leave full time education.


    » Provide help with job search including applying for jobs and interviews. Provide support with job matching.
    » In work Support. This may include job coaching including systematic instruction, a job buddy, help with mediation.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...
    25% of young people on the project will be supported into paid employment.

  • Impact


    1. It will show that people with severe learning disabilities can work and open the door for these young people to be engaged in mainstream employment programmes.
    2. It will show that support provided while the young person is still in FT education can make a difference to employment prospects post school.
    The project will be externally evaluated to validate the work. The outcomes will be bench marked to measure the impact of the project. Soft & hard outcomes will be captured.


    Lack of employer engagement - we will offer support to employers & focus on what these young people can do.
    Future funding - we have had discussions with the local authority & part of the project could be funded through the remodelling of our days services. Other possible funding includes schools and Youth Learning Agency.
    Young people not believing they can work. Suitable work experience placements with the right support package.
    Staff not up to job - Ensure they have the right skills set.


    Quarterly reports. There will be a focus group of young people who will help manage & develop the project. This will include monitoring & evaluation (internal & external). Feedback will be captured through questionnaires, interviews & observation.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £43,238

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      Amount Heading Description
      £25,094 Salaries 20 work experience placements
      £4,880 Training/expenses 5 young people into employment
      £4,780 Project costs Training & materials
      £3,000 Evaluation External
      £5,484 ICT/Support Computer equipment & support

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Learning Disability Fund £10,000 Guaranteed
    The Roger Brooke Charitable Trust £200 Guaranteed
    Coutts & Co Charitable Trust £500 Guaranteed
    Jill Franklin Charitable Trust £500 Guaranteed
    Equitable Charitable Trust £7,500 Conditional
  • Background


    Herefordshire but mainly Hereford and Leominster. This is where the schools are. The project office will be at the Tan Brook Centre (currently a day centre) close to Barrs Court School. It is DDA compliant and located near the the railway and bus stations.


    20 Young People with a learning disability. There are 172 children of school age with profound & multiple and severe learning disabilities (Source: Herefordshire Children & Young People’s Directorate Jan 2010). In addition there are 354 people aged 18-24 (Source: PANSI) that could benefit from this work. It is appreciated the numbers are small but this is one of the most excluded groups in today's society. In Herefordshire they do not even have access to further education - no provision.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have an excellent reputation for delivering quality services. We have strong networks & see partnership working as the way to meet the needs of people with LD in the county. We have been leading the way in delivering person centred services & we are taking a proactive approach to fulfil unmet needs in the county. We are committed to growth regardless of the Government's Spending Review & can evidence new services. We have a strong business approach combined with a passion for our work.

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    Judith Weir

    CEO. Started Aug 09. Background in business & funding development. Proven track record setting up new initiatives & achieving sustainable success.

    Jane Colbourn

    Manager. Will be responsible for project implementation & overall management. Set up Aspire's On line centre in April & client nos already achieved.