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Project information

Prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer research

20% of all new cancers diagnosed will be urological cancers [kidney, bladder, prostate and testes]. The good news is that thanks to research and early diagnosis more people than ever can survive the disease due to the work of charities like UCARE funding world class research


Charity information: UCARE [Urology Cancer Research and Education]

UCARE [Urology Cancer Research and Education] logo
  • Need


    Finding new ways to fight urological cancers - 20% of all new cancers diagnosed will be urological cancers. They will affect men and women, the young and the old alike. Sadly, a large burden falls on men – cancers of the prostate and testes – while cancers of the kidney and the bladder affect both men and women. Urological cancers need to recover from years of underfunding - kidney and bladder cancers - have suffered in particular


    There is a lot of work for UCARE still to do however, not just in funding the research that will help us understand and treat these complex diseases, but finding the tools to raise awareness and to help people to identify the early symptoms - as early diagnosis saves lives. As one of the less fashionable causes to support, some of these cancers are embarrassing and difficult to talk about – particularly the ones that affect men. We aim to find new ways to remove this stigma.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Funding research - Statistics tell a surprising story with 54,000 new urology cancers diagnosed/year


    » fundraising

    What success will look like

    Better outcomes for people with urological cancers

    Aim 2

    funding education and raising awareness- transforming the way ALL urological cancers are percieved.


    » fundraising to support self help leaflets, web sites, awareness campaigns, educational bursaries for health workers

    What success will look like

    Self awareness leading to early diagnosis and early treatments

    Aim 3

    funding innovation and research infrastructure


    » raising funds for equipment vital to research

    What success will look like

    funding innovative techniques and equipment is a huge boost to research capabilities

  • Impact


    There is a clear need for high quality translational research in this area of cancer research. There is a significant public health problem and often considerable uncertainty in the international cancer community as to how to treat some of these patients. UCARE wants to fund research which is innovative and it is likely to yield new and potentially important information and be published in high quality research journals.


    Part of the problem is that people are not yet comfortable with the public discussion of urology . We can provide ways in which dialogue is made easy and unembarrassed. We have publicity material using striking visual images and informal language. We also have newsworthy ambassadors and patrons. What we need is the help to maximise the impact of these resources and are constantly looking at ways to do so ie new data bases, technology, and strategy.


    Through newsletters, web site, personal feedback where requested, open communication at all levels.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £110,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £35,000 Research Nurse for example research nurses per annum
      £50,000 Research Fellow for example research fellowship and consumables per annum
      £15,000 Equipment research equipment for one lab
      £10,000 Core costs funding new systems, ie data base / finding new ways of using media
  • Background


    Research activities in Oxford encompass clinical, translational and basic science programmes on the biology of cancers.


    By sustaining scientific excellence, UCARE support will contribute to the nation's international competion in research and Iour activities will not only improve outcomes for people with urological cancer locally, but the results of its research will have a major impact on cancer patients worldwide.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    There are over 200 different types of cancer. While much of the cancer research being undertaken is relevant to all of them, each type of cancer needs to have its own specialist research as well. Some cancers are slow growing, while others are aggressive. Some respond well to available treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, while others do not and new treatments need to be found specific for that type of cancer.
    UCARE needs to transform the way in which ALL urological are treated.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Grant Holders

    The researchers who hold our grants.

    UCARE Trustees

    The trustees who decide what projects to fund.

    Scientific Advisory Committee

    Who peer review and score all projects put forward for funding and advise the trustees

    UCARE Staff

    Monitor and make sure good governance is followed by all grant holders and provide feedback to the committees.

“The arrival of new equipment funded by UCARE is a huge boost to our research capabilities”

Chris Blick - Researcher