Project information

Kiloran provides respite breaks for carers in UK

To provide accommodation for carers to enjoy a short affordable respite break away from caring in a safe and secure environment. The role of the staff is to meet all the needs of 'the carer' so that they can have a rest and recuperate in their own personal space without worry and responsibility.

It is a rolling programme for 50 weeks of the year

Charity information: The Kiloran Trust

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  • Need


    The fact that carers very seldom manage to have a break away from caring as they tend to put the prioity of 'the cared for' first before their own health and wellbeing.
    The aim is to prevent carers developing health problems through personal neglect, and depression or other mental health problems due to social exclusion and low self esteem through feelings of isolation.


    The Kiloran Experience concentrates on the needs of the 'carer' providing a bedroom en-suite; home cooking; socialisation with other carers; encouraging independent thinking; arranging activities appropriate for each carer, to improve their self confidence and self worth. Their own personal space to rest and recuperate with staff available to support and provide informal counselling if required.
    A safe environment where they can ''find themselves again'.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To enable carers to have access to Kiloran for a respite break


    » Work is planned to visit and reach out across the UK to all carer organisations, giving them information of how carers can access this service.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...when Kiloran is full to capacity every week, with a waiting list, and with a network of contacts across the UK recommending this service to all carers.

    Aim 2

    To enable all carers to enjoy the opportunity to stay at Kiloran.


    » To fundraise enough money to subsidise the cost of carers staying at Kiloran so that it is affordable for the carer.
    » To liaise with carer support workers and social workers so that they can recommend our services to the carer and give them support and encouragement.

    What success will look like

    Success will be when the carers have support and encouragement from their social workers and carer support workers to have a break and respite arranged for 'the cared for' person

  • Impact


    The project will prolong the health and mental wellbeing of carers across the UK enabling them to care longer for their loved ones and keep the 'cared for' person longer at home and out of residential care.
    The carers that stay at Kiloran return every year to enjoy the benefits of the services provided and their evaluation sheets speak volumes about the care and support at Kiloran and most continue to care until they are bereaved, and then they return for a well earned rest from years of caring


    The risks that can affect the project is when the carer cannot afford to come and stay at Kiloran, so we have very strong links with our sponsors who will fund individual carers if this is a problem.
    Also we could have our lease for the building terminated but we have a good landlord who provides an on going 10 lease on a peppercorn rent to make it affordable for Kiloran to stay in the building.


    An AGM report is produced every year, with statistics, monitoring and evaluation figures, and workers reports along with trustees reports which is distributed to funders yearly. Personal reports are also made to funders who have made specific requirements an obligation for the given grant

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £145,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £108,500 Salaries 4 staff
      £7,250 Admin Postage/telephone/office
      £20,230 Revenue Maintenance/Insurance
      £9,020 Volunteers Volunteers/Staff Training

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Dulverton £5,000 Guaranteed
    Leathersellers £7,000 Guaranteed
    LBH&F £500 Guaranteed
    PF Trust £3,000 Guaranteed
    Saddlers £5,575 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The Kiloran Trust is a big house with a Victorian walled garden, situated near to Hammersmith Broadway in central London, very close to all kinds of public transport with access to museums; theatres; Kew Gardens; and the Wetlands in hammersmith.
    It is situated in a quiet road, very suitable for rest and relaxation.


    All carers who need a respite break away from caring throughout the UK are very welcome to come and stay at Kiloran. It is a unique project as the care and support provided is strictly only for the carer.
    There are over 6 million carers in the UK caring at home for someone, and Kiloran is trying to reach out to as many of these carers as possible, so that they can benefit from the services provided. Turnover of approx 140 - 150 carers/ year pass over the door.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been operational since 1994, and we are unique in the fact we only provide accomodation for 'the carer'.Over 2000 carers have come to stay at Kiloran and they continue to return each year showing that our quality services are meeting carer's needs. We are very convenient to all activities and close to Hammersmith Broadway with buses and underground very accessible.

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    Noreen McIlvenna - Director

    This role does all the fundraising and is responsible to manage all the staff working in the project and liaising and reporting to the trustees.

    Norma Graham - Project Manager

    This role manages the project on a day to day basis, supervising staff and is responsible for the maintenance of the building.


    Their role is to have overall responsibility of the project and staff, and implement the governance of the project


    This role is to help and support the staff in the project, assisting wherever necessary, and helping with fundraising events.