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Project information

The Big Move

Move the shelter into premises with some security of tenure. At SFTS, we were forced to move with 3 weeks’ notice, into temporary accommodation. We managed, but as our ethos is not just a bed at night, but reintegrating into work and the community we need a more secure base to build from.

June 2011 - December 2011

Charity information: Shelter From The Storm

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  • Need


    Reduce the plight of the homeless in Islington. In Britain there are about 400,000 homeless people, not all are sleeping rough, some are in temporary accommodation. Many experience increasing levels of anxiety, passivity, alienation and ill-health; for some, their bedsits and hotel rooms are a conduit to the streets, to drink/substance abuse, or both. Their needs are a safe place to eat, sleep, wash and next up mentoring and help back into the job and housing markets. They need shelter.


    We can get people permanently off the streets. Not just providing beds, food and a chance to wash/launder, but providing practical help/advice on housing and jobs, getting onto rehab programmes. We provide therapy/ counselling/advice and have had some real success, but we need a permanent home. We are currently cramped into half our previous space, in a lock-up warehouse near Pentonville Prison, with only one shower and no cooking extraction, yet we care for 37 guests a night, six nights a week

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Locate new premises within Islington


    » Spend time working with the local council who are sympathetic to our plight to get planning permission on suitable premises

    What success will look like

    Success will be when we find suitable premises to accomodate 40 guests a night in a permanently designated building.

    Aim 2

    Via public help/donations , make the premises habitable before we move in


    » Use volunteers where possible, or hire expertise in order to have 40 guests, 6 nights a week who can all access time in the showers/ laundry room

    What success will look like

    Success will be in providing suitable facilities, including a kitchen, showers and laundry, as well as sleeping areas.

    Aim 3

    Have counselling rooms where we can listen in a private environment to the guests situations


    » Build/partition to allow counselling/ mentoring, on a continued volunteer basis, to be available to all our guests on a basis of greatest need

    What success will look like

    Success will be when we can provide a place for our guest's emotional needs to be heard and addressed by people who care.

  • Impact


    The Islington area will see an improvement in relations between the homeless and the housed. More local community involvement when we have a permanent address will see even more volunteers come forward. We will demonstrate the success of this project by monitoring the number of guests we are empowering to move on into their own accommodation, gain employment and rebuild their lives.


    The housing /commercial property market picks up and runs away before we can find somewhere. We are attempting to deal with this now, by securing premises as soon as possible, but this remains a real concern.
    The local people will not want us; we are dealing with that by example. Note the Islington Gazette carried reports of the neighbours from our previous location campaigning to keep us in their street.


    Donors will receive bi-monthly emails detailing our progress...and often they’ll see it because they’re our volunteers too.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £100,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £60,000 Rent and Service Charge To cover for 2 years
      £20,000 Refurbishment T cover plumbing, electrics,kitchen equipment and partitioning.
      £13,000 Bathrooms To provide toilets/shower.
      £7,000 Counselling Rooms Toprovide private areas for counselling.
  • Background


    There are about 400,000 homeless people in Britain. They don't all sleep rough, some are in temporary accommodation and many experience increasing levels of anxiety, alienation and ill-health. Islington is the 8th most deprived borough in England, the 4th most deprived in London, with some of the most widely differing social and economic groupings found anywhere. Because of its proximity to Kings Cross it has always been a magnet for the lost and dispossessed from all over the country


    We provide a bed, evening meal and breakfast for up to 40 guests but feed many more. We only accept guests by referral from organizations such as Outreach teams, the Police, Mental Health teams etc. Unlike other emergency shelters we operate throughout the year and offer a warm, safe and loving environment where the homeless can be listened to and sustained by volunteers. We are funded entirely by local businesses/individuals and our own fund raising efforts. We offer a hand-up not a handout

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We started in 2005 in a Church opening on Sundays.In 2007 we added another night and in 2008 we registered as a charity aiming to open 7 nights and were donated premises,the kitchen, equipment and often the food. We were up to 6 nights when in June the building was sold and we had to move. We worked tirelessly to make the new lock-up we inhabit as homely as possible, but our 500 volunteers, as well as the guests find the present dark, deserted industrial alley-way depressing and intimidating

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sheila Scott

    A single parent, homeless for 9 months through divorce, set up SFTS in 2005. Vital and dedicated she’s jointly responsible for the ethos/ fundraising

    Louie Salvoni

    He brings rigour expertise and discipline from his business experience to SFTS and has doggedly fundraised since he co-founded the charity with Sheila


opens the shelter for 1 night, for en entire year