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Project information

Help Educate our Future Leaders

Nurture the innate talents of our rural kids and subsequently develop the individual and the village. Support and reinforce the education of kids in their childhood environment by providing them with the same opportunities enjoyed by their peers in the townships.

Project ends whenever a target college has computers, books etc installed & teachers trained to lend continuing support to the kids

Charity information: Learning Tools for Self Development (LTSD)

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  • Need


    HEOFL seeks to support and advance practical education; education that allows the pupil to have access to the books and necessary equipment. Computer lessons in the rural schools in Cameroon are mostly theoretical and 75% of the kids cannot afford the required textbooks. It makes a big difference when a student can see, touch and use a computer or any other learning equipment during a teaching/learning lesson. Knowledge gained through practice and experience is always more effective.


    Supporting rural schools with educational material will have a positively high impact both on the community and the pupils; it will open up new educational and economic opportunities in the rural area and foster a spirit of self reliance. Pupils will study in their own environment and compete on an equal level with their peers in urban private schools where such material is taken for granted. Lastly, learning tools will facilitate both teaching and learning methods. Teachers need textbooks.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    The advancement of education


    » Support and promote education; facilitate learning for youths in the rural areas by encouraging the use of computers and reading.
    » Train teachers on the use of computers for training; organise random practical computer tests to encourage a competitive spirit in students.
    » Create school book clubs to promote reading as a hobby

    What success will look like

    Success will be increased enrolment in the college by kids in the rural area. A comparatively high percentage pass in the end of year national exams; a 100% pass will be our target

    Aim 2

    Promote equality and diversity


    » Encourage school authorities to organise computer classes to support at least 3 practical lessons per week for every student.
    » Encourage diverse and varied methods of learning with more input from the students.

    What success will look like

    Success will be seeing a noticeable change in students; students becoming more and more confident; readily contributing their ideas and views on any subject.

    Aim 3

    The prevention and relief of poverty


    » Encourage and support re-investment of talents in the local community
    » Sensitize parents and kids on the benefits of attending school in their own local environment.

    What success will look like

    Success will be many more children attending school in the rural area, graduates finding employment and expansion in the form of new businesses in the rural area

  • Impact


    The project will demystify the use of computers and make it accessible to everyone interested in learning; pupils will be eager to learn so as not to be left out. Many more schools will be opened in the rural areas. We will monitor the intake into our pilot school subsequent to the introduction of learning tools and will also follow up on the students graduating from the pilot school. Success will mean at least a 20% increase in intake, a 10% increase in investment and 50% of graduates employed


    There is the risk of trained teachers leaving the college shortly after they have been trained. In order to deal with this risk, the principal of the college, who has a 4-year permanent contract has been trained and will receive a refresher course every 6 months to enable him train new teachers as and when necessary.


    Donors to this project will receive quarterly independent reports from the project's chairman and the principal of the college detailing the progress of the project, its future plans and objectives. The chairman's report will include a detailed account of the project's income the and expenditure.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £10,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £4,000 40 Used Computers Computers for first year students
      £1,500 Training 3 training sessions for teachers (local)
      £3,500 Transportation Ship computers to Cameroon
      £1,000 Administration Report writing, stationery etc + travel expenses
  • Background


    St Rita's Technical High School, Nkambe, Cameroon is a technical & commercial high school for girls. It's main aim is to help girls acquire skills that are gainful and useful to self-reliant projects. Nkambe is about 5-6 hours drive from the main township Bamenda, which is also a much more progressive and dynamic town; the untarred roads makes accessing Nkambe town difficult especially during the rainy season.


    The project will have a ripple effect on the whole Nkambe community. The parents of more than 60% of the students enrolled in the college live in Nkambe and it is emotionally convenient for them to have their kids in colleges close to home especially when the colleges provide the same learning options as those in the main townships.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    LTSD has a network of devoted persons in the Cameroonian educational system. Our contacts are committed to the success of this project thereby making it easier for us to monitor and evaluate the progress of the project. This will also create a smooth working environment.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Mr Chris Hughes

    Mr Hughes is the co-founder and chairman of LTSD. He is committed to supporting and nurturing the talents of underprivileged youth

    Ms Rosaline Nain Chia

    Ms Nain Chia is secretary of LTSD. With a 4-year teaching experience in Cameroon, she recognises the needs of Cameroonian youth & fully supports them.

    Fr. Zeph Mbuh

    As the Catholic Education Secretary, Fr. Zeph coordinates and manages all the catholic schools in Bui & Nkambe Division.

    Fr Gerald Jumbam Nyuykongmo

    Fr Jumbam is the principal of St Rita's Technical High School, Nkambe. The success of the project will be a big credit to him.


Pay for and transport 1 used computer to Cameroon

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