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The Turnaround project

The project offers an outreach support service at HMP Foston Hall and in the community, to offer a holistic support service to vulnerable women at risk of offending and/or women in the Criminal Justice System in order to reduce re-offending by addressing underlying causes of offending behaviour.

April 2011 - March 2014

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  • Need


    The diverting women from custody project was set up in response to the Corston Report (2007) to deliver the Government’s commitment to ensure vulnerable women who are not a danger to the public are dealt with appropriately in the community. The main aim being to reduce the high numbers of women particularly none violent offenders in prison and to deal with these women in the community, by offering a range of holistic support services to break the cycle of offending and better their life chances.


    We will provide a holistic one stop shop support service, by offering intensive one to one support to tackle problems in relation to mental health, accommodation, education/employment, children/families and relationships, finance/benefit and debt, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, drugs and alcohol misuse, health, counselling and any other issues which may contribute exclusion and/or offending behaviour.

    We will work closely with partners to monitor the impact of our interventions.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To reduce offending amongst women in the Criminal Justice System and women at risk of offending.


    » Life skills and Development Workshops addressing confidence & self esteem and basic home management/ budgeting skills
    » One to One Support Emergency health and accommodation needs addressed, support plan devised and worked through, motivational support and advocacy
    » Education Learning assessment undertaken and action plan to raise educational attainment completed, mentor support to attend lessons.
    » Through the gate service Prison resettlement work 6 weeks prior to release and pick up service provided to women coming back to the community.

    What success will look like

    Our monitoring tool will demonstrate the success of our aims and the close partnership working with Criminal Justice Agencies who also measure progress and rates of re-offending

  • Impact


    The long terms changes, is the reduction in women being sent to prison for none violent offences, a reduction in re-offending rates for female offenders and an increase in the number of female ex-offenders reforming their lives and into employment/education. Success will be demonstrated through monitoring tools, statistics from National Police Databases to monitor re-offending rates, on-going evaluations of the project including interviewing individual women, case reviews and feedback from women


    There is a risk that despite efforts women will continue to offend and re-offend. This will be reduced by working very closely with partners to ensure information sharing and to hold a case review panel with partnering organisations in order to asses the progress of each woman and ensure that they are receiving the best possible care and support.
    Another risk is the lack of funding to keep the project running. Grant applications continue to be submitted and work with commissioners is ongoing


    Funders will be notified of progress through our bulletin board on our website and from our in-house newsletter which will be circulated to stakeholders. Also, donors will receive our Annual report and will be notified of any ongoing success and relevant statistics through monitoring reports.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £313,038

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      Amount Heading Description
      £75,545 Support Worker Criminal Justice Support Worker over 3 years
      £84,247 Counsellor Counsellor over 3 years
      £69,181 Learning mentor Learning mentor over 3 years
      £84,065 Dev.Officer Development Officer over 3 years
  • Background


    The project will operate from a base in the Normanton, Stockbrook and Abbey wards of the inner city of Derby. These areas are known for having higher levels of deprivation, poorer health, high unemployment rates and higher levels of crime. The majority of our service users will reside in theses wards. Although the project is open to individuals throughout Derby City offenders tend to have multiple disadvantages and its those living in these wards who will benefit the most.


    Women offenders will be the main beneficiaries from the project, however a successful project and outcomes for the women who engage with it, can be far reaching. It is likely the project will also improve outcomes for children, who's mothers are offenders, the wider community and society in general. The project may also have a positive impact on the judicial and penal systems where currently there are great demands. This could be relieved as more women of are supported in the community.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Women's Work has been providing a holistic service to vulnerable women to improve their health and well-being for the past 7 years. We have a good understanding of the needs of women and advocate for women on a range of issues in the City and nationally. Our interventions are regarded as best practice and as recent winners of the IMPACT awards and achievement of the PAQASSO quality mark the agency is held in high regards by service users and partners as professional innovative and responsive

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    Debbie Turner - CJS Co-Ordinator

    Co-ordinate the service Prison pick up service Resettlement advice & support to HMP Foston Hall inmates

    Davina Patel- Development Officer

    Explore a development programme for Women's Acquisitive Crime Lead on on awareness of service to magistrates secure sustainability for project

    Katie Weston And Linda Reid - 2x CJS Support Worker

    Provide one to one support Support the work of Offender managers Conduct assessments and manage care plans deliver interventions across pathways

    Sandra Mansfield - Learning Mentor

    Facilitate accredited learning opportunities Creation of personalised Education and Employment Plans Training to help access education or employment