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My Social Innovation (MySI)

MySI creates youth-led enterprise solutions to local disadvantage. by combining training, project development and mentoring processes we uniquely increase the skills, confidence, leadership ability and aspirations of participants while creating community cohesion through youth-led innovation.

November 2010 - December 2014

Charity information: My Social Innovation

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  • Need


    London, more than anywhere in the UK is a city of diversity but also of increasing polarisation, the ties that bind communities are crumbling. MySI addresses this by building positive local impact through the good work of all young people. Unfortunately, there is nothing in London that provides a comprehensive way for a young person not only to be trained in how to lead within their community but crucially then to be supported in applying what they have learned to develop and launch their idea


    MySI is a comprehensive way to increase participants key skills for leading community innovation / enterprises. It crucially provides support in applying learning to the development and launch of self-generated youth-led, social change enterprise solutions and turns them into true scalable social enterprises. Such enterprises act as a catalyst for community cohesion locally. MySI aims to enable young people to be hopeful, happy and helped and become the glue the binds communities together.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase the confidence and skills of participants across the UK


    » MySI achieves an average increase in skills and confidence parparticipant of 50%. This is achieved by our accredited training programme.

    Success will be... Participants increase thier skills ad confidence by an average of 40% as a result of MySI participantion.

    Aim 2

    Increase the leadership ability of the UK's young people


    » By facilitating the development of youth led social enterprise projects MySI build the capacity of participants to lead any project or organisation.
    » MySI supports the fundraising activity of our participants relating to the projects that they establish.
    » In enabling young innovators to network and make connections relating to their projects aims MySI helps them to develop thier skills in this area.

    Success will be... The development and launch of 10 youth-led social enterprise projects in any 12 month period.

    Aim 3

    Create community cohesion through the good work of young people


    » The entire, and fully facilitated and integrated, MySI process is designed to do this. We uniquely combine training, project development and mentoring

    Success will be... The launch and sustaining of at least 8 youth-led social innovation projects in any 12 month period.

    Aim 4

    Create sustainable youth-led social enterprise


    » A tailored project development process enables individuals or groups to develop income generating business models for their innovations.
    » Linking young innovators with experienced business and community mentors helps to ensure the sustainability of youth-led projects by offering skills.
    » MySI provides sustained support to youth-led projects for up to 18months after they are launched.
    » MySI retains legal and financial oversight, unless otherwise stated, to ensure quality and best pratice in all youth-led projects.

    Success will be... The development and launch of 10 youth-led social enterprise projects in any 12 month period

  • Impact


    MySI engenders community cohesion through young peoples good work. Success is measured through a series of performance indicators that are established by each youth-led innovation. Success can also be seen in the economic value of the social return delivered by our youth-led projects; at present we see a return of £7 for every £1 invested, in terms of the value of services delivered to society. Increasing skills, confidence and leadership ability is measured through self-evaluation questions.


    There are a number of risks associated with MySI's work the most significant of which include a range associated with child protection and health and safety. These risks are all dealt with by employing best practice legal requirements, which are monitored by experienced staff and trustees. MySI also provides financial and legal oversight for all youth-led projects. Appropriate insurance is in place for all activity. other risks are mitigated via an organisational risk assessment procedure.


    Funders of MySI will recieve a copy of the organisations annual report which includes infrmation on the youth-led projects that have been launched and sustained during the year. We would be happy to ofer quarterly reports / updates on the development of MYSI and our training and project activities.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £90,526

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      Amount Heading Description
      £29,928 Salary Salary costs for MySI
      £28,260 Training and Accredits 80 participants (MySI curriculum)
      £20,000 Project Investment investment required for 8 youth-led projects to move to lauch
      £12,338 organisational & Mentoring Including core overhead, insurance, accountancy and professional support

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Private Individual £10,000 Guaranteed
    Progress Foundation £5,000 Guaranteed
    Evening Standard Dispossed Fund £5,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    MySI is able to operate throughout England and Wales. The majority of our work to date has been completed in London. However, we are keen to develop our work across England and Wales.


    Young people between 13 & 25 can participate in our programme. However, we tend to focus on working with 16 to 23 year olds. Approximately 50% of our participants could be described as disadvantage. However it remains a key philosophy of the organisation to provide a "universal access" provision for ALL young people. We enable all young people therefore to learn from the gifts and talents of their peers from different backgrounds and cultures

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Since we began MySI, February 2009, we have worked with 80 young people in west and south London. We have launched two youth-led social enterprise solutions to local disadvantage and are currently developing 5 more; involving 16 young people in total. MySI has an experienced social innovator, charity and social enterprise advisor and youth advisor as it's chief executive. We also have a high quality training faculty, advisory network and board of trustees that enhance the organisation

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    Joe Swann

    Chief Executive / Founder: A young person with 8 years experience across commercial, youth advisory and third sector capacity building activity.

    Ben Freedman

    Advisor: A successful social entrepreneur who played a key role in founding two national UK charities: Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Aspire

    Criag Carey

    Chair of Trustees: Head of Business Development and national projects at the Social Enterprise Coalition.

    Dr Stephen Cook

    Trustee: 15 years a strategy advisor for BP and experienced charity advisor.