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Project information

Safe Haven

We aims to bridge the gap in present provision for families recovering form domestic abuse by having our own premises for the provision of a family centered service to help reduce the long-term effects of witnessing or experiencing abuse; using animals to promote caring and responsible values.


Charity information: Paws for Kids

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  • Need


    Families often fail to access or maintain contact with specialised support. Often there is a repeat cycle between new home, original home & refuge, due to a failure to re-settle and cope in a new community.
    By offering practical & emotional support, the projects unique & invaluable strength is in its ability to break a cycle of violence. In doing so it has long term benefits, helping children to develop into emotionally balanced adults less likely to be violent to their families or animals.


    We aim to establish the Safe Haven project in our own premises combining our established families & pets projects. Here families recovering from abuse will be encouraged to take part in a range of activities that seek to develop non-violent, creative, responsible and caring attitudes. Families will have the opportunity to take part in activities in which compassion and empathy are learned through human interaction combined with the nurturing experience of working with plants and animals.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Identify new premises.


    » Relocate pets service and families service to new base
    » Involve families in establishing gardens It is intended for the project to grow organic vegetables.
    » Educate families in the importance of eating healthy, nutritious meals whilst visiting.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...Each year 300 families will have visited the Safe Haven Project and will report possitive contact in their new communities

    Aim 2

    Families recovering from Domestic Violence are provided with appropriate support


    » One-to-one work with each member of the family.
    » Peer support groups or projects for parents and children respectively.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...200 people participate in group work/ training to build their self esteem and help make possitive changes in their lives.

    Aim 3

    At riak youth/children escaping Domestic Violence will successfully re-settle in new community.


    » Coaching and experiential learning, joint working with special inputs such as art, drama, outdoor pursuits and leisure.
    » Parents will have participated in group work or received individual support.
    » Parents report that they have the relationship and life skills needed to support their children/teenagers.

    What success will look like

    Success will be...300 Parents are assisted with emotional recovery and develop the relationship and emotional skills needed to support their children/teenagers.

    Aim 4

    Help reduce repeat incidents of anti social behavior from children/teenagers in their communities.


    » Familes take up all appropriate support from local agencies such as primary health care, education, Youth Service etc.
    » Referrals to other services with ongoing support, mediation and advocacy as necessary.
    » Participate in activities such as such as helping to care for the fostered animals in the pets project, growing vegetables & learning about nature

    What success will look like

    Success will be...100 Children will have participated in activities to engender caring values helping reduce repeat incidents of anti social behavior in their homes

  • Impact


    Children /at risk youth/vulnerable adults are less isolated & can access practical support.
    Our monitoring shows a 70% success rate for the following:
    An increase in the number of people who feel supported, feeling less isolated, & aided in their recovery of their experiences of Domestic Violence. Children/at risk youth/young vulnerable adults self esteem will be increased lowering the risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence or becoming involved in antisocial behaviour


    There is a risk that there would not be need for such a service. We have dealt with this by
    undertaken a study to look at the feasibility of Paws for Kids acquiring premises to combine our work with families and pet fostering in a small holding or similar facility. We have consulted and will continue to do so with refuges, housing dept, social services, young peoples services and ASB departments who have all indicated a need for this type of service for the families they work with.


    Donors will receive regular updates via letter or e-mail on project development, they will be kept informed of what stage the project is at any unplanned holdups or changes to original plans.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £350,000 new premises move existing 2 projects under 1 roof
      £70,000 new building installing of appropriate facilities for animals
      £40,000 gardens to employ gardener to supervise volunteers for the running of the organic vegetable gardens
      £40,000 equipment provision of educational equipment/pet equipment

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    supporting people £68,000 Guaranteed
    betty and bernard Davidson Trust £10,000 Guaranteed
    Bolton Community Housing £10,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    Bolton is home to 264,800 people encompassing a diverse spectrum of communities unemployment disparities are marked with central areas experiencing higher rates of unemployment. 1 in 4 women in Bolton experience Domestic Violence. From April 2006 to March 2007 there were 1,093 crimes recorded with a domestic violence marker in Bolton. This type of offences has historically been under-reported and these figure probably underestimate the extent of the problem in Bolton.


    People escaping and recovering from Domestic Violence, they often become ostracized and stigmatised which can result in.
    Children becoming victims or perpetrators of bullying and/or becoming involved in antisocial behaviour.
    We aim to people from all sectors of the community the opportunity to volunteer at Safe Haven, students, the elderly and people with disabilities We aim to help everyone that visit ‘Safe Haven’ to feel special, worthy and validated for who they are.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have 12 years of experience in Domestic Violence service delivery; we have collected the following quantitive & qualitative information:
    Surveyed families in refuges across the North West. Service user and stakeholder feed back over the last 7 years. Running local projects encompassing user feedback.
    Consulting with Third sector providers & key partners who have identified a need for this type of service including youth and childrens services, Police/Probation, Homeless & ASB dept.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Carole Marsden

    Carole has worked with DV & dysfunctional families for 24 years. Her knowledge on the known links between human/animal abuse is renowned across the Uk