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Goals football club

A free weekly after school football coaching club aimed at disaffected and disadvantaged 11 - 16 year olds in South London, providing the opportunity for them to engage regularly in sport in a safe and supportive environment , and the possibility of joining a local 5 a-side league.

September 2010 - July 2011

Charity information: Future Skills Training

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  • Need


    Many disaffected young people in London suffer from a lack of personal and social skills that hinders their ability to progress educationally, socially and in employment. In addition many live unhealthy lifestyles engaging in little exercise and eating poor diets either through lack of opportunity and support or through low self-esteem and aspirations.


    Through providing a free weekly football coaching club held in a local leisure centre well known to local youth and easily accessible. A qualified and experienced coach delivers the sessions, supported by 1 Future Skills staff and 1 volunteer. Sport is an excellent tool in developing personal and social skills in young people as well as engaging them in regular exercise. It will also give the team the chance to challenge the participant’s lifestyles and suggest alternatives.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    20 young people engage in regular exercise


    » Fitness and skills based drills
    » Football matches and tournaments

    Success will be 20 young people attending Goals at least twice per month

    Aim 2

    20 young people improve their personal and social skills


    » Participants taught to communicate through football
    » Participants taught how to work as a team
    » Participants negative behaviour challenged by staff

    Success will be participants working together as a team and communicating and behaving positively towards each other

    Aim 3

    20 young peoples’ self esteem boosted and aspirations raised


    » All participants encouraged and praised by staff

    Success will be 20 young people engaging more fully in education and beginning to seek other social opportunities.

    Aim 4

    15 young people develop greater respect for others


    » Participants taught how to work as a team
    » Participants behaviour challenged by staff

    Success will be 15 young people using more positive and encouraging language in their communication

    Aim 5

    10 young people receive additional mentoring and tutoring support


    » Staff intentionally build relationships with young people and offer additional support where appropriate.

    Success will be 10 young people engage in regular mentoring/tutoring support

  • Impact


    Potentially a reduction in anti-social and criminal behaviour, shown through the participants seeking and engaging in positive local activities and building meaningful relationships with more positive supportive peers. A greater chance of participants gaining further education placements and employment demonstrated through an improvement at school and the seeking of part-time employment.


    Young people not attending. Flyers have been produced to promote the club and it is being advertised to all the young people we are currently working with. We also encourage the participants to bring their friends.
    Tension and fighting between the young people. We always have at least 2 adults in addition to the coach to keep the young people engaged and deal with any problems.


    Reports will be emailed or posted as required.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,800

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,640 Coach Qualified coach
      £2,640 Pitch Football pitch hire
      £2,200 Staff Future Skills face to face time
      £1,320 Project costs Planning, evaluation and administration.
  • Background


    The project is based in Wandsworth in South West London. Wandsworth is a diverse borough with some great wealth but also areas which are among the 20 percent most deprived in England. These include Lower Layer Super Output Areas within the wards of Latchmere, Queenstown and Roehampton. Based on the 2001 census Wandsworth’s BME population is over 57,000 from a total population of just over 260,000.


    Young people in Wandsworth who struggle to access mainstream opportunities either through a lack of finance or through a lack of adult support and signposting.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Combined the team has over 21 years experience of working with disaffected and challenging young people. This has informed our belief that relationship is key to everything we do, and not just building positive, trusting relationships with the young people, but also with parents, carers and other professionals involved in a young persons life. This holistic approach is vital in empowering a young person to grow and develop positively leading to the best possible outcomes for them.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Phil Thain

    Chief Exec, has worked with at risk young people in South London since 2003 and drives his team to “go the extra mile” with all young people.

    Ricky Hammond

    Highly qualified and experienced sports coach who engages the young people brilliantly and is hugely enthusiastic about sport

    Sarah Bray

    Manages all the admin of the project being extremely well organised and encourages the young people to attend the project.

    Dave Ford

    Dave is a newly qualified youth worker and volunteers his time in supporting the project.