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Project information

Sponsor a Brick: Building a Girl's School in Kenya

Education is a vital tool in the fight against poverty. That’s why we are working to establish a girl’s Secondary School in Ondati, one of Kenya’s poorest regions. By teaching business skills, as well as more traditional subjects, we will provide local girls with the tools to craft a better life.

6 Months

Charity information: Teach A Man To Fish

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  • Need


    There is little education available for girls in Kenya. For many, this means few chances to escape a life of poverty. In Ondati, one of Kenya’s poorest regions, girls often marry older men to avoid such a prospect. By the time they 20, many will have had their first child. A culture of polygamy only adds to the already dire spread of AIDs and HIV.


    By establishing a school in Ondati, young girls will have the opportunity to escape a life of poverty. The goal is to empower students, and raise generation after generation of educated and entrepreneurial young women. The emphasis at Ondati is on “learning by doing.” Girls are taught how to run businesses, such as beekeeping and dairy farming, and how to make money from them. In addition, these businesses will generate enough income to fund education for more pupils in the future.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To achieve long term poverty reduction through increasing the provision of education to girls.


    » By building a school that will empower the students and create generation after generation of educated, entrepreneurial young women.

    What success will look like

    Educational Success: Providing 30 girls per year (totalling 90 students) with access a high quality and relevant secondary education.

  • Impact


    Girls are empowered to achieve greater success and a wider range of life choices – setting up their own business, finding employment or further education. Graduates will be able to support and plan their families and break the cycle of rural poverty in the Ondati community and beyond. By 2012, we want the school to achieve 100% financial self-sufficiency, allowing it to continue independent of external funding.


    1) School Businesses do not generate sufficient income.
    - Mitigation: Have a highly profitable anchor business that can act as the focus of the school.

    2) Girls drop out of school.
    - Mitigation: Student counselling service established and Community education & sensitization on the importance of girls education.

    3) Fall in market demand for products.
    - Mitigation: Look for alternative markets outside the identified area.


    Regular updates notifying donors of all improvements and landmarks met at Ondati via social media such as Facebook and twitter. Donors will also be sent a quarterly newsletter.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,087

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,246 Housing Teacher Housing
      £1,334 Boarding Boarding facilites for 20 boarders
      £1,734 Furniture Class room furniture
      £2,032 Equipment School equipment
      £741 Contingency Fund Contingency Fund for expansion of teaching space
  • Background


    The village of Ondati is located in one of the poorest regions of Kenya,18 km outside of the town of Rongo (65,000 residents). HIV infection rates are amongst the highest in the country. The Ondati community has come together to open up the opportunities available to girls by setting aside land and collecting the materials needed to start a simple secondary school for girls.


    The main beneficiaries will be the local community. By teaching business and entrepreneurial skills, local girls will gain independence and empowerment. The aim is to ensure the school is 100% self-sufficient by 2012. This will allow generation after generation to benefit from the project, and learn the skills that will lift them out of poverty.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Teach A Man to Fish is a charity that focuses on combating poverty through high quality, financially-sustainable education. By establishing business activity on the side of teaching, such as dairy farming, we believe that schools can become self-sustainable. This could mean enough money to fund scholarships for poor pupils, and buy resources for teaching. The model has already proved successful for our pioneer school in Paraguay, established in 2005, which is now 100% self-sustainable.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Jamie Clearfield

    Jamie is our Field officer in Kenya. He is overseeing the establishment and development of this project.

Evelyn is one pupil who loves learning

Evelyn is one pupil who loves learning


will buy a hive for the school's honey production

I dreamt of continuing my education but financial constraints meant I didn’t know what hope there was. I was thrilled when the School was established.