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Project information

Computer Training and Employment Support Services

Lotus Caring Hands (LCH) is helping the youth affected by the war, deal with their trauma and cope with everyday life by providing them with computer training, counselling support, and ensuring they are accepted and reintegrated within their community.

July 2011 - June 2016

Charity information: Lotus Caring Hands (LCH)

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  • Need


    Many of these youth have been unable to attend school or have left at an early age. This means they are very unlikely to be employed and have a chance to break out of the poverty cycle. We are particularly committed to the process of deinstitutionalization and supporting vulnerable people to become integrated in main-stream society with every opportunity to
    lead full lives.


    Lotus Caring Hands (LCH) provides free computer training for impoverished young people to engage in educational activities.

    Computer Training and Employment Support Services (CTESS) aims to give the most disadvantaged young people a second chance in life, by giving them the skills and confidence to find a job and live independently

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Providing access to computer education for underprivileged young people and other vulnerable groups



    What success will look like

    We are particularly committed to the process of supporting vulnerable people to become integrated in main-stream society with every opportunity to lead full lives.

    Aim 2

    Carrier advice and employment support services


    » Providing experience and trained provisional support through our local partner.

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated by sucess full completion of course, further progress in higher education and employment in relevant field

  • Impact


    • Creating the infrastructure for education and training;
    • Developing skills of the participants;
    • Providing an employment support service;
    • Provide credit for graduates entrepreneurs
    • Developing a functional operating and monitoring system;
    • Awareness rising among the targeted community on Computer training facilities.


    This area is generally neglected by main stream development also has large number of school leavers. Therefore the demand for this project is very high and there is danger of over subscription of students.

    We are planning to run 3 batches to accomadate enrolled students.


    • LCH will take agreed financial responsibility to sponsor the computer training course for the students.
    • Students record will separately maintain by the administration of the Computer Centre and available for LCH members and donors (concern will be apply toward protecting privacy)

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £30,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,000 Computers Comptuers for centre
      £1,500 Renovation Building Renovation
      £15,000 Salary Trainers' Salary
      £1,500 Material Course Materials
      £5,000 Running Costs Rent/Rates/Electricty...etc
  • Background


    North Sri Lanka
    Paranthan, Killinochchi, Sri Lanka

    East Sri Lanka
    Periyaporativu, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


    Most of the North and East of Sri Lanka has been affected by civil war and most of the people lost their bread winners, lost belongings and trying to build their lives back.
    More than 75% of the local population is under poverty line. High number of School leavers are unable to continue further education and hard to find employments..

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    “Our mission is to help the poor and needy to live sustainable, self-reliant lives within safe and caring communities. Our work is guided and shaped by the core values of accountability, humanitarianism, neutrality and impartiality, inclusiveness, integrity and co-operation, all of which are also integral to the our faith."

    " Education is the heart of every thing we do"

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Shan Mylvaganam

    Founder/Chairman/Project Manager - North Region, Sri Lanka

    Sandrasegara Sadachchara

    Founder/Secretary/Project Manager - East Region Sri Lanka

    Haran Thiru

    Founder/Members Coordinator

    Thavaraj K


“Education is the heart of everything we do”