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Helping UK charities do more with donated products

In difficult times, charities need every resource available to deliver essential services. In Kind Direct unlocks the power of in kind products (surplus which would otherwise end up in landfill) to tackle poverty and help children and families. Help us cut waste and support charities to do more!

December 2016 - December 2017

Charity information: In Kind Direct

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  • Need


    Every day charities struggle to afford the essential goods they need to run their operations - toiletries and toys for a women’s refuge, sports goods for a youth group or cleaning supplies for a hospice. As the economy starts to recover, some people are being left behind, unable to even afford basics like toothpaste and soap. At the same time, companies are sending those very same products to waste simply because they are surplus to requirement or have slight defects in the packaging or branding


    In Kind Direct, one of The Prince's Charities, provides a single contact point for companies with surplus goods to donate. We have the infrastructure to accept large quantities of goods, store and sort them and then deliver direct to charities’ doors in response to their needs. We address brand protection concerns by vetting and monitoring every charity we support. The result is an efficient solution which diverts usable goods from waste and unlocks their potential to help people in need.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Expand our budget-stretching service to meet more unmet demand from struggling UK charities


    » Increase volumes of key products donated by 10% over the next two years through building mutually beneficial relationships with company donors.
    » Expand to reach least 1,000 additional charities by end 2015. Focus our support where its needed most and where qualitative impact is greatest.
    » Increase capacity at our warehouse to be able to handle more stock and benefit for more charities
    » Continue to work with international partners to expand product philanthropy initiatives overseas

    What success will look like

    We will track the value of all goods distributed - success will be hit when we reach our targets for goods distributed, charities helped and volumes diverted from waste.

  • Impact


    Charities will be able to save money on their core goods needs, carry out new and enhanced projects and reduce their funding requirements. We will measure these and other outcomes through qualitative and quantitative research with charity partners.

    There will also be a beneficial impact for the environment brought about by reduced landfill, external recycling and associated carbon savings. We will also track volumes of goods donated, distributed and diverted from waste.


    We have in place a full risk register which addresses all strategic and operational risks in detail.

    One risk is that we will fail to balance the volumes of stock coming in with demand - either resulting in a dearth or surplus of stock. We will cope with this by carefully managing the type of goods we accept and building our charity network and stock flow gradually.


    Email report on progress at a minimum of 6 monthly intervals.
    We will be delighted to meet donors face to face if desired.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £75,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £50,000 Logistics Costs Warehousing, labour, transit and other logistics
      £20,000 Reaching new donors Marketing to and reaching new product donor companies
      £5,000 Investment in ecommerce investments to improve user experience of our online catalogue
  • Background


    Our main focus is on UK charities. We distribute goods to thousands of charities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
    Our warehouse is in Telford and Head Office in London.
    We are working with partners in Europe and the Far East to expand and improve product philanthropy initiatives in other countries.


    A huge range of charities, social enterprises and not for profit groups and the many millions of people they help.

    Approximately 60% of the charities we support are very small, local groups, often without any paid staff, working to tackle need at the grassroots. Many are struggling financially - in our recent impact study 41% said that their income had decreased in the last year.

    Example charities benefiting include women's refuges, hospices, family welfare and community nurseries.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Since foundation by The Prince of Wales 18 years ago, we have distributed £150 million in value of goods from over 1000 companies and over 8,000 charities have received products. We are the only organisation who has taken on the logistical complexity of co-ordinating in kind giving of consumable products on a national basis in the UK. Our expertise has recently been noticed internationally which is leading to our helping establish similar operations in Germany and other nations.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Board Of Trustees

    Leading figures from the world of business and charity who will steer the organisation and help win support from key stakeholders.

    Charity User Group

    This is a representative group of our charity partners who meet regularly to discuss and advise how In Kind Direct's service can be improved.

    Staff Team

    We have a small team based in London and at our Telford warehouse. Key functions include: company donor relations, logistics and customer service.

Mencap Sunderland Gateway distributing IKD goods

Mencap Sunderland Gateway distributing IKD goods


we turn into £1,000 in value of goods distributed

We are proud to be supporting In Kind Direct in making a difference to organisations that really need our support