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Donate £100 and secure £1000 for our wildlife

With your help we can secure funding to enable a number of projects to project our amazing wildlife and wild places to go ahead.

Through the landfill tax fund we can access substantial grants that are vital to our work. But to release these, we need to secure a 10% match contribution.

3 years

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  • Need


    Cumbria Wildlife Trust can access significant grants through the landfill tax fund. But to release this money we need to provide a 10% contribution.

    Only by securing this 10% can we release the money to enable us to achieve our conservation projects to protect and enhance our wildlife and wild places.


    We will be able to use the donations to secure ten times more funding.

    This, in turn, will enable us to deliver a wide range of conservation projects both on and off our nature reserves.

    A donation of £100 will be used to secure £1000 towards direct action to:
    - protect our valuable wildlife and wildplaces
    - increase biodiversity and
    - increase public access and enjoyment of our environment

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To secure donations to enable us to release funding worth 10 times more and protect our wildlife


    » Raise awareness of and gain public support for our conservation work.

    Success will be measured through the number of donations received and the funding secured.

    Aim 2

    Take action now to ensure that juniper trees in Cumbria do not become extinct in the coming years.


    » With volunteer surveyors, establish what juniper woodlands exist and the condition of these.
    » Improve the condition of and increase area of juniper woodlands in Cumbria through targetted planting of young juniper trees and positive management.
    » Protect existing juniper woodlands in Cumbria so that they do not deteriorate and die out over the coming generations.
    » Increase biodiversity.

    Success will be shown through comparison of pre and post project data demonstrating number of:
    -trees planted
    -woodlands increased in size
    -Cumbria's juniper does not die out

    Aim 3

    Restore Drumburgh Moss Nature Reserve-a peat bog (nature's carbon sink) and UK BAP priority habitat


    » Extend the area of active raised mire by maintaining the groundwater level on the mire surace all year round, benefitting a wide range of wildlife.
    » Increase habitat and creation of new BAP habitats through creation of an improved wetland complex, lowland wet grassland and raised mire.
    » Make the surrounding land more resilient to future floods and increased water levels.
    » Restore the area's hydrological functioning and active peat forming process.

    Success will be...
    - area of habitat restored
    - active peat bog creation reinstated
    - species present on site
    - volunteers involved with project

    Aim 4

    Enhance the habitats at Smardale Gill Nature Reserve for wildlife.


    » Undertake practical management to improve rich grasslands and ancient woodlands.
    » Install fencing to exclude grazing stock from certain areas and allow natural regeneration of delicate flowers and plants.
    » Carry out scrub control to create wildlife corridors and areas of open calcareous grassland-particularly important for the rare Scotch argus butterfly
    » Improve and increase biodiversity at the nature reserve through removal of non-native species and achieving favourable conditions for the habitat

    Success will be...
    - area of habitat improved
    - increase in biodiversity (flora and fauna)

    Aim 5

    To undertake conservation work to protect our precious environment, wildlife and wildplaces.


    » To work with people to generate a renewed enthusiasm and passion for the amazing wildlife that can be found right on our on doorsteps.
    » Carry out our vital conservation work on nature reserves and projects in the wider countryside to benefit our unique wildlife and wild places.

    Success will be...
    - project complete
    - species protected
    - habitats improved
    - people involved and enthusiastic about their local environment

  • Impact


    Our project will protect the quality of Cumbria's wildlife & wild places. With your help, we can care for rare and endangered habitats & species so that they do not disappear.

    If we do not undertake these projects endangered species and habitats are at risk of decreasing in number and ultimately dying out. We can't let this happen.

    Success will be monitored through monitoring and comparison of before and after survey data.


    We have been offered landfill tax funding towards our juniper project, work at Drumburgh Moss and Smardale Gill Nature Reserves.

    To release this money we must be able to provide match funding of 10%.

    Cumbria Wildlife Trust has a proven track record of delivering conservation projects and has staff who are both qualified and experienced to achieve the work required.


    We will discuss the requirements of individual donors but will reporting will include:
    - regular written updates
    - photographs of our projects
    - statistical information demonstrating our reach
    - visits to the sites to see work that is being undertaken as well as completed

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      £20,000 third party contribution Amount required to secure grant offers
  • Background


    The individual conservation projects will take place across Cumbria, England (including the Lake District).


    The main beneficiary of the projects the environment, biodiversity and wildlife.

    The volunteers taking part in the project will gain increased skills and practical experience.

    General public and visitors to the Lake District and Cumbria will also benefit through an enhanced environment. This in turn will lead to an enhanced visitor experience and increased visitor spend in the area.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Cumbria Wildlife Trust is the othe only voluntary organisation devoted solely to conserving the biodiversity of Cumbria's wildlife & wild places. We are committed to creating whole landscapes rich in wildlife to safeguard threatened species & habitats and have a wealth of experience delivering projects.
    We have been offered landfill tax funding to deliver these project and just need to secure the 10% match to release these grants.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Cumbria Wildlife Trust Staff

    All of our staff have a wealth of experience delivering projects with volunteers and good relationships with landowners that will enable the projects.


    We have strong and experienced team of over 400 volunteers that support the Trust and help us to complete our work.