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Project information

Rwanda Children of Hope - New Home Appeal

To build a new permanent home for 34 ex-street children living at the Ubaka U Rwanda centre in Kigali, Rwanda. This project will greatly improve living conditions for the boys, allow Ubaka to expand their support and ultimately make the centre self-sustaining.

2 years

Charity information: Quest4Change

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  • Need


    The streets of Kigali are home to an estimated 7,000 children. Many have been left to roam the streets either as a direct result of the genocide, or due to rural poverty, family conflicts or the impact of HIV/AIDS.

    The authorities do little to remedy this situation, in fact officially these street children do not exist. They prefer to mask the status quo by rounding up street children and putting them in holding centres, thus clearing the streets of ‘undesirable persons’.


    Ubaka U Rwanda are committed to turning around the lives of children & young people living on the streets of Kigali. They run a youth centre, which currently provides a home for 34 boys, and an outreach programme.

    Their current centre is a 6-bed rented house. Living conditions are cramped and the rental market expensive & volatile.

    We are working with Ubaka to build a new home for these boys. The new youth centre will be able to house up to 50 children and offer long-term security.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Build the first phase of the new youth centre (the first storey of a two floor building)


    » Finalise the building plans and obtain a building permit
    » Purchase construction materials and hire contractors/builders
    » Carry out the construction work

    What success will look like

    Success will be having purpose built housing for the boys in Ubaka's care, with enough space for them to play inside and out, to study and to sleep comfortably.

    Aim 2

    Continue to provide for the boys in Ubaka's care


    » Provision of basic needs: housing, food, clothing, sanitation and medical care
    » Access to education: provide school fees and materials for primary, secondary or tertiary training
    » Family reconciliation: Ubaka's staff work with families and youths to enable reconciliation
    » Emotional support and rehabilitation: teaching vital life skills and helping them to reintegrate back into society

    What success will look like

    Success will be providing these ex-street children with shelter, education and guidance; helping them live a self-sufficient life.

  • Impact


    The new centre will ensure the longevity of Ubaka’s work. It will eliminate and reduce Ubaka’s largest outgoings (rent and food) through property ownership and land on which they can grow their own food. It will also provide better security for the boys, improve their current living conditions, give them more space and create an outdoor play area.

    In the long-term this project will help develop the current and future beneficiaries into independent and determined members of Rwandan society.


    There is a risk that we are not able to raise enough money to fund the entirety of the build. We have dealt with this risk by implementing a staged building programme and a comprehensive fundraising strategy.

    It is also written into Ubaka’s memorandum that, should Ubaka ever have to close, only the boys would benefit from the land and the new centre.


    All donors will receive bi-annual progress reports, focusing on the project finances, construction progress, as well as a general programme update. A final report will be issued upon completion of the new home build.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £48,696

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      Amount Heading Description
      £10,314 Foundations for Main Building for two storey main residential building
      £22,924 Ground Floor - Elevation Ground Floor of Main Residental Building, wall masonery including concrete columns, beams etc
      £7,481 Ground Floor - Flooring, Doors Flooring, doors and windows for ground floor
      £7,977 Ground Floor - Beautifying Plastering, tiling, varnishing, electrics and bathrooms

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Funding from individuals £6,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The land on which we will build the new centre has already been purchased. It is located in the Kicukiro district of Kigali.

    The area is renowned for its drug culture, night-life and high levels of prostitution. As a result it has a higher concentration of street children than any other part of Rwanda.

    The land is close to Ubaka's current centre, therefore the positive relationships already established with the local communities will continue.


    The direct beneficiaries of this project will be the 70 boys Ubaka currently supports (34 who live at Ubaka’s centre, 6 who are fully-supported but live independently of the centre and approx. 30 through their outreach programme).

    The indirect beneficiaries will include the families of the boys who are successfully reunited with them, as well as the police and local community.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Ubaka's Centre Manager and Founder Evode Usabyamahoro grew up as a street child following the genocide. Since turning his life around he has devoted himself to helping street children.

    Evode is in a unique position to understand what the boys need; with insight into street life, the ability to gain the trust of fragile children, as well as experience of getting off the streets.

    Quest4Change have been supporting Ubaka's work since 2010 and are committed to making this project a success.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Evode Usabyamahoro

    Evode is the Co-Founder and President of Ubaka U Rwanda. He is the Centre Manager and will project manage the new home build.

    Rebecca Shrubsole

    Rebecca is the Co-Founder & Project Coordinator of Ubaka U Rwanda. She is also a qualified psychologist. She will liaise with Quest4Change in the UK.

    Simon Tierney

    Simon is Quest's Africa expert. He founded our partnership with Ubaka U Rwanda and has in depth knowledge of this project its aims.

The boys singing at the centre


will landscape and border the plot

I love my life at the centre. Before I did not know anything about school and now I realise what I have missed. Last year I was top of the class.

Jack, one of the Ubaka boys