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Imagine 2018

Many people in Israel & Palestine either do not believe that the conflict can end, or do not understand the urgency with which it must. Imagine 2018 is a bold initiative asking citizens to visualise Israel & Palestine in 2018- either positively or negatively- and urge them to build their own future

May 2010 - December 2011

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  • Need


    Israelis & Palestinians disagree about many things, but one shared feeling that resonates across both societies is a deep cynicism, scepticism and hopelessness about the future & the prospects for peace. Yet peace is attainable & a two state solution is viable- but time is running out. Ordinary citizens need to see what is possible, understand the compromises needed to get there, & the role they can play as individuals; they must also understand that this window of opportunity is closing fast.


    We will ask Israelis & Palestinians three key questions:
    1. What will 2018 look like?
    People must visualise the future- both the positive & negative possible 2018s- they may live in. Peace, security, prosperity & legitimacy; or violence, stagnation, isolation & hopelessness.

    2. What will it take?
    Both futures are possible. Compromises will be needed to enable the positive future to emerge.

    3. What is your role?
    Every citizen has a role, & the power to make a difference. People matter.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To challenge apathy, hopelessness & cynicism, & inject urgency into civil society via visualisation


    » Video Campaign: We have already begun collecting thousands of videos from citizens, in which they imagine their 2018s- both positive & negative.
    » Competition: The winning video-makers will be brought on a diplomatic tour, meeting world leaders in Europe & the US, getting to share their visions
    » 2018 Newspaper: The best visions will be collated into a newspaper- set in 2018 & distributed across both societies- showing very different futures

    What success will look like

    By collecting thousands of videos that demonstrate people's appetite for peace, signing at least 300,000 people up to our mandate of peace, & creating the civic space for progress

    Aim 2

    To break taboos, so both societies think about the compromises neccesary to reach the 2018 they want


    » Town Hall Meetings (THMs): We run unparalleled public meetings across both societies, discussing the most difficult issues and fostering compromise
    » Workshops: We hold trainign workshops where issues such as Jerusalem, refugees and settlements are discussed in balanced and pragmatic ways

    What success will look like

    By illustrating- through informal polls & events- progress within both societies toward mutually acceptable compromise on taboo issues

    Aim 3

    To empower ordinary people so that they understand their pivotal role in ending this conflict


    » Youth Training: We will keep training Israeli & Palestinian youth to be real agents of change, using award-winning methods to build real leaders.
    » Engaging the leadership: In July 2010 we helped found the 'two state lobby' in the Israeli Knesset, who we work with to push leaders toward peace

    What success will look like

    Adding 1,000 youth leaders to the 4,000 that we have already trained, and mobilising people in a visible way that impacts the political impasse

  • Impact


    This project has ambitious aims: to transform a social context of apathy, disenfranchisement and negativity, into one of positivity, urgency and compromise. We aim to promote this project across the length and breadth of both Israel and Palestine. We will demonstrate success quantitatively- through the number of videos we collect, people we train and members we recruit; but also qualitatively, by dint of the impact we have on the political process and on ordinary people's role within it


    As we work within one of the most volatile political conflicts on earth, most of the risks we face are linked to an escalation in the conflict, with consequences including (but not limited to) a reduction in freedom of movement; a diminishing constituency for moderation/increase in radicalisation etc. We have full mitigation documents and approaches for these issues (available upon request) as we have been operating for eight years in the Middle East, and have dealt with peaks in tension before.


    Donors will receive an annual report on the project, as well as bi-annual status reports. We are also more than happy to offer personal briefings at key stages in the programme's roll-out phase, and always welcome donors visiting our offices in the region, or attending our events.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £200,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £45,000 Video Project Includes the costs of procuring cameras, building the web-environment, and mounting the competition
      £65,000 Town Hall Meetings Covers costs of mounting, publicising and executing at least 50 THMs across Israel and Palestine
      £50,000 Staffing costs Covers the cost of 1x Israeli & 1x Palestinian full-time 2018 Director, and 10% of Executive salarie
      £20,000 Promotional Budget Includes all costs for comprehensive PR campaign to publicise the project
      £10,000 Youth Leader project Budget allocated for funding youth leaders to mount their own campaigns events across region
      £10,000 Polling and reporting Costs incurred through tracking public opinion and project impact

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Peaceworks Foundation £20,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The project will primarily be located in various communities, towns, cities and university campuses across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Thanks to OneVoice's unique youth chapter-led structure, we have a presence on most university campuses in Israel, and every major town or city in the West Bank.

    The diplomatic tour for the winning video-makers will take place in London, Brussels, New York and Washington DC, and a special concert to honour the winners will be in New York


    The entire population of both Israel and Palestine are the target audience and potential participants of this programme, standing to benefit- at least indirectly- from its success. Direct beneficiaries will include those that make and submit a 2018 film (estimated number at least 5,000); those that participate in a THM (estimated number at least 2,000) and those that go through a training programme (estimated at at least 800)

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    OneVoice is ideally placed to maximise the potential of young Israelis and Palestinians to end this conflict. We have been training youth in both societies since 2003, & have developed an innovative methodology that has proven successful. Graduates of our programme have gone on to become genuine leaders; in the Palestinian Authority, the Knesset, & within the communities they come from. We have contacts and infrastructure spanning the entire geographic region- committed to conflict resolution

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Samer Makhlouf

    Samer is OneVoice Palestine's Executive Director, and has a wealth of experience in both conflict resolution and youth empowerment

    Tal Harris

    Tal is OneVoice Israel's Executive Director, and is himself a graduate of our programme, having chaired the Tel Aviv chapter.

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