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Project information

Move on Up ...inspiring Merseyside through dance..

A community arts project aiming to use dance to reduce health inequalities in Merseyside. The project will provide diverse dance and movement opportunities across the region and improve participants physical fitness and mental wellbeing whilst engaging more people in community activity.

January 2012 - December 2014

Charity information: Merseyside Dance Initiative

Merseyside Dance Initiative logo
  • Need


    Merseyside experiences some of the worst health inequalities in the UK. There is also a lack of access to cultural activity in many wards. This programme aims to support the reduction of these inequalities by providing transformative cultural, creative and participatory experiences for harder to reach individuals and communities across Merseyside.


    What this project aims to achieve is a widening of opportunity for disadvantaged groups across Merseyside to develop new pathways to dance. As an activity this will enable people to develop regular participation in physical activity, and increase their overall levels of well being and mental health. MDI will set up a three year research project to monitor the impact that regular physical activity has on a variety of groups in terms of their health and wellbeing.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To create a three year healthy dance programme of regular activity for people across Merseyside.


    » An outreach programme to be devised by the MDI dance team and freelance artists to set up regular dance classes in a variety of places and spaces.
    » Studio provision - a regular sessions at the MDI studio
    » Performance project /seminar programme in order to disseminate findings and provide participants with an opportuntiy to share what they have achieved.

    What success will look like

    Success will be our ability to reach 30000 people over a 3 year period and through the production of a robust evaluation prove the importance of dance in contributing to wellbeing.

  • Impact


    This project will improve physical health and feelings of wellbeing of those taking part we will demonstrate success through benchmarking exercises and monitoring participants throughout the project. Partner organisations will recognise the benefit of dance activity within the field of health and wellbeing. Another measure of success would be, through partnership working, sustained activity after the life of the project and on-going employment opportunities for dance tutors.


    Communication and commitment – ensure there is full commitment from all involved, through good communication, keeping all partners up to date and informed and involved.
    Setting realistic aims, objectives and targets – ensure the project follows a SMART model.
    Reduction in funding – ability to identify other sources or where appropriate review original brief of the project
    Staff turnover – from time to time people move other jobs, recruitment procedures in place as and when necessary.


    MDI has a weekly newsletter to keep everyone informed.
    Quarterly reports would be completed as appropriate
    All donors would be acknowledged in the final report
    There would be a specific web page for the project for donors to access

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £90,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £55,000 Freelance contracts Delivering 30 weeks per year of dance sessions
      £19,000 Production costs and materials Production of showcase/seminar programme, covering facilitation, venue hire, fees and technical cost
      £9,000 Administration and management MDI costs of managing and administrating the project
      £7,000 External evaluator Three year contract to develop the evaluation and follow the project for duration
  • Background


    MDI is based in Hope Street, a cultural quarter of Liverpool city centre, close to two historic cathedrals and may cultural institutions. Some of the project will take place in our studio, however the majority will take place in the outer part of the city as well as Wirral and St. Helens. Elements of the proejct will also take place in Alder Hey Chihldren's hospital, Aintree Hospital and The Royal Liverpool and Boradgreen Hospital.


    Liverpool has some of the most deprived and disadvantaged communities in Britain, with higher rates of disease than other UK areas. Of 291 Lower Super Output Areas (LSOA) in Liverpool, 162 are in the most deprived 10% nationally (2007). Project beneficiaries would include: Children and Young People, Men and Boys, Over 50's and people with a Disability. Some projects will be aimed at hard to reach groups within these target groups, e.g. BME groups, adults recovering from addiction and refugees.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Dance in Merseyside and the North West Region is increasingly attracting worldwide attention. Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI) has over the last six years built up a national and international reputation that far exceeds any initial aspirations the organisation held when it was set up in 1993.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rachel Rogers

    Rachel is the Project Development Manager ( strategic initiatives and major events). She has been with MDI since 2006 and she will lead the project.

Family Dance Day at Mab Lane 2010

Family Dance Day at Mab Lane 2010


pays for 3 bedside sessions at Alder Hey Hospital