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Project information

Ulster Youth Choir Summer Training Course 2010

UYC is Northern Ireland's National Youth Choir and will select and train 70 singers aged 16-24 from throughout Northern Ireland to rehearse and perform with 10 leading vocal and choral professionals during a summer residential course and concert tour throughout Northern Ireland.

July 2011 - September 2011

Charity information: Ulster Youth Choir

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  • Need


    There is a strong history of singing in schools in Northern Ireland, but the absence of a conservatoire of music means that gifted singers have nowhere in Northern Ireland to bring their singing to a higher level. UYC provides expert tuition from some of the UK and Ireland's leading conductors, professional singers and teachers which otherwise, our members would have limited or no access to.
    UYC strives to keep participation costs to a minimum to ensure equality of opportunity for all


    UYC's summer residential course will recruit 70 of the best Northern Ireland young singers and give them access to working with a professional choral conductor, individual singing lessons with a professional classical singing teacher, vocal coaching with a renowned vocal coach and musicianship training with a group of section coaches. UYC will then provide professional performance platforms for the choir performing repertoire which they ordinarily would not have the opportunity to sing.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Stage UYC Summer Course in July 2011


    » Conduct up to 20 workshops in schools and universities throughout NI in November 2010 as both stand-alone events and recruitment excercise.
    » Conduct open auditions at 4 audition centres throughout NI in January 2011 offering up to 70 places to young singers aged 16-24.

    What success will look like

    Success will be achieving a high number of auditionees following the workshops in schools and recruiting 70 of the best of these singers to participate in the summer course.

    Aim 2

    Perform two concerts in Northern Ireland


    » As well as training during the residential course, rehearse selected repertoire for performance in concert.
    » Work with local concerts to source a variety of concert venues and recruit new and existing audience members.

    What success will look like

    Success will be performing in previous and new UYC performance venues, recruiting new and increased audiences and receive positive feedback from participants, staff and press.

  • Impact


    This project will enable the singers to work with leading music professionals opening up career prospects and performing opportunities. We would envisage the young singers returning to UYC in future years to build on previous successes. The project will raise the profile of the organisation to a wider NI audience.

    The project's success will be determined by the members' feedback, at least 50% return of members in the future and by tracking the career/performances of members in the future.


    Participants not affording membership fees - we will provide a hardship fund.
    One of the artistic team pulling out - foster good working relationships with all past staff and potential future staff to engage a staff member at short notice.
    Funding deficit - funding for the project has commenced already and contracts will not be entered into until full funding is confirmed.
    Child Protection - All staff will be police checked and will comply with the company CPP


    Donors will receive a newsletter every six months to report firstly on how the project is progressing both artistically and financially and secondly at the conclusion of the project offering a review of the successes.
    Donors will be invited to attend the project to see the work in progress.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £50,720

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      Amount Heading Description
      £12,210 Artist Costs Provision of conductor/coaches and associated expenses at residential course
      £20,600 Food/Subsistence Food/accommodation during residential course and concerts
      £8,610 Equipment/Materials Music hire, piano hire, piano delivery, piano tuning, concert venue hire
      £2,800 Publicity & Marketing Promotion of concerts throughout Northern Ireland and associated print costs
      £6,500 Administration & Pastoral Care Planning and delivery of project and provision of pastoral care team for residential course

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Membership Fees £33,250 Conditional
  • Background


    The project will take place in Carnlough, Co Antrim although the participants will be drawn from throughout Northern Ireland. By conducting recruitment workshops throughout the province we plan to target schools which do not ordinarily have good access to choral music or training.
    In addition, UYC members will be drawn from all parts of the community and will work together regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background.


    The population of Northern Ireland is just over 1.5 million with varying levels of wealth and poverty. Northern Ireland has been a divided nation in terms of politics and religion and this permeates through all aspects of Northern Ireland society. UYC will provide the opportunity for 70 young people from all backgrounds to come together, unified by their love of and talent in music and equip them with solid social skills beyond that of their music tuition.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    As Northern Ireland's National Youth Choir, UYC has been running successful education programmes in schools, auditions and residential courses for the last 12 years building up excellent working relationships with our stakeholders, good rapport with the young people who participate in our events and have produced a series of professional concerts both in and outside Northern Ireland. UYC has also built up excellent working partnerships with other arts organisations in NI.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Majella Hollywood

    General Manager as well as audition panel member and course director for residential course. Fundraising. Majella has worked with UYC for 12.5 years

    Greg Beardsell

    Artistic Director - chooses artistic staff, selecting repertoire for and conducting the course/concerts. Greg has worked with UYC for 5 years.

    Joanna Donaldson

    Administrator - all the on-the-ground planning and delivery of the project.

    Board Of Directors

    Responsible to oversee both the artistic and financial viability of the project throughout its duration and to assist with fundraising.

Ulster Youth Training Choir 2010

Ulster Youth Training Choir 2010

This engaging concert - proves the continuing efficacy of bringing the best youthful talent together on occasion for top ranking tuition.

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