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Project information

Dance NRG, a series of under 18 music events

Bringing hundreds of young people together from across Glasgow East to enjoy live music and performance in a safe and fun setting. These young people wouldn't normally socialise outwith their neighbourhood due to the fear of gang culture and territorialism. This event breaks down these barriers.

January 2011 - December 2011

Charity information: Glasgow East Arts Company (GEAC)

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  • Need


    Dance NRG brings young people together from across many different neighbourhoods in Glasgow East, to break down young people's fear of local gang culture and territorialism. Dance NRG gives young people somewhere to socialise on their terms and impacts favourably on the number of reports to the police about anti social behaviour around the local area.


    We will run 6 Dance NRG nights over 2011 involving approximately 2000 young people. Attendance at Dance NRG is through youth clubs only. This encourages young people to engage with their local youth club in between Dance NRG events. Young people will also be directly involved in the planning of Dance NRG giving them further focus and direction. Links with other services such as the police and the local college strengthen development opportunities so these young people have the best chances.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To stage 6 Dance NRG events over 2011 for 2,000 young people


    » work with all youth clubs and secondary schools in the area throughout the year to create the performance line up for each Dance NRG
    » involve local services to present a fully integrated series of Dance NRG events including police, local college and health / wellbeing agencies etc
    » to create opportunities for young people skill up in areas of programming, event management, technical management, marketing and PR

    What success will look like

    Success will be engaging with 2,000 young people and having up to 30 different agencies involved over the year.

    Aim 2

    to reduce reported incidents of anti social behaviour


    » work closely with the police to monitor the number of reported anti social behaviour, particularly on the nights when Dance NRG events take place

    What success will look like

    Success will be contributing to a reported reduction of anti social behaviour in the local area.

  • Impact


    Dance NRG will make a positive change in the local area for participants and for the local community through reductions in anti social behaviour. It will also create confident young people who are not afraid to socialise with people from outwith their own neighbourhoods. The project will widen horizons enabling young people to do things they otherwise wouldn't have considered. Success will be gaining 10% of these young people as attenders of other arts activities at Platform.


    A key risk is that the youth clubs and providers are not fully on board through the duration of the project. We have dealt with this by creating a steering group consisting of key stakeholders that meets regularly to drive the project forward.


    We will update monthly by email including details on plans to date alongside images and feedback on the actual Dance NRG nights. We fully expect young people to be involved in gathering feedback and images.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £9,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Performance Fees For 6 events with DJs, live dance acts and musicians
      £3,000 Transport To bring the young people to and from the venue, Platform
  • Background


    Platform is the venue for Dance NRG. Platform is an award w inning arts venue located at The Bridge in Easterhouse. Easterhouse sits on the most Eastern edge of the Local Community Planning Partnership's locality of Glasgow East. Glasgow East has a local population of around 70,000 and has some of the City's most marginalised communities with poor health, low life expectancy and lower than average academic achievements.


    Local young people will benefit as they can enjoy a high quality event that is on a par, if not better, than similar city centre events. The neutral location of the venue enables these young people to come together from across many local neighbourhoods and meet new friends. The benefits of these new friendships will be lifelong such as improved self-esteem and confidence. The local area will benefit from reduced anti social behaviour and an increased sense of wellbeing amongst its young people.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a strategic role to develop the arts across the local area, working with key agencies and stakeholders to increase opportunities for young people to play as full a role as possible in their own communities. We also have a track record in delivering high quality arts and events programmes at our venue, Platform, but also across the area. We sit on a number of local networks including the youth network, arts and health network and chair the arts network and the youth arts network.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    James Dean

    James is Events and Outreach Manager. James works extensively across Glasgow East in partnership with local agencies, youth clubs and user groups.

    Louise Sinclair

    Louise is Audience Development Officer and her role is a highly visible one in the community. Louise liaises with schools, coordinating our Learn Plan