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Project information

Call Us a C.A.B! The Crescent Arts Bus appeal

CAC delivers successful outreach projects in Belfast communities, however we want to offer groups the opportunity to take part in projects within the centre. Since many have difficulties traveling, we require a disabled-access minibus to enable participants to utilise this dynamic, neutral space.

Minimum of 1 year and possibly ongoing

Charity information: The Crescent Arts Centre

The Crescent Arts Centre logo
  • Need


    Currently the Crescent Arts Centre does not have the means to provide consistent, disabled access transport for community groups and schools who may not normally have the opportunity to access the centre.
    Although CAC’s current projects are making an impact within the community, bringing groups to a neutral space would further promote cultural exchange, decrease isolation and increase participation for disadvantaged individuals in the wider community.


    Having access to a designated minibus will enable the current and future groups we work with to come to the centre to showcase the outcomes of their creative projects to a wider audience. This will also give the groups a chance to directly engage and feel a sense of ownership of the space.
    On average we work with 20 groups per term which we aim to engage in some aspect of the centre - whether its participating in other activities or supporting other community groups’ projects.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To enable community groups to travel easily to the centre and utilise it to its full potential.


    » Engage the groups we work with in at least one trip to the centre each term.
    » Have at least 1 group exhibition/play per term in the building; encourage other groups to view the piece and interact with others in the space.
    » Create further projects involving cross community work, utilising the neutral location of the building
    » Provide transport to the centre to encourage groups to participate in other non-project related activities that are being conducted in the space.

    What success will look like

    We will evaluate the impact the centre has had on the groups & record how many participants have had opportunities to return. Success is 60% of community groups attending in 1 year

  • Impact


    The project will enable access to the centre for those that previously wouldn't have visited/engaged with others. For example, elderly participants will feel less isolated as they will be encouraged to visit the centre via our transport to enjoy interactive activities which will improve their wellbeing.
 We will use questionnaires to monitor the participants response to the project, and record the usage of the minibus. Success will be an increase in numbers of 70% to the centre in 3 years.


    There is the issue of lack of staff to drive the vehicle at short notice. We will mitigate this by training and acquiring minibus licenses for two members of our current staff, so as to minimise this problem. 
There is also the minor risk of funding cuts impacting the use of the minibus in years to come via lack of funds for insurance / maintenance fees and fuel. We will apply for further funding and hold other fundraising events to deal with this risk.


    Our donors will receive a monthly e-newsletter containing updates detailing how the minibus was used that month, and qualitative interviews with at least one participant on the nature of their experience. We will also invite them to see the outcomes of the community projects at the centre.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £15,000 Minibus Disabled access minibus purchase
      £1,150 PSV+Servicing+training Maintenance of minibus, MiDAS disability access driver training, misc. costs
      £2,550 Fuel Petrol/diesel for travel
      £1,300 Insurance Insurance for minibus and drivers
  • Background


    The centre is located in South Belfast, in a neutral area near Queens University. The population varies widely from students to families, young professionals and the elderly. The centre will be the utilised further as a venue for the outreach programme to be delivered, as it is perfectly suited to this use. The ‘Call Us a C.A.B!’ project will use the minibus to travel to all areas of Belfast to transport members of all communities to the centre to engage them in projects taking place there.


    We have around 20 projects per term engaging an average of 20 participants per project. 
This will include primary and secondary schools, refugee groups, disability groups, mental health groups, community centres, women's groups and young peoples theatre groups. We intend to make full use of the bus every term, and engage each group with at least one activity within the centre.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Crescent Arts Centre has a long history of developing and implementing a wide variety of highly successful outreach projects in Belfast. Our newly refurbished building and facilities are located in a neutral area which is perfectly suited for executing projects of high impact with elderly people, disabled individuals and disadvantaged youths as well as many other groups and communities.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Sam Porciello - Staff

    is highly experienced in designing and implementing community arts based projects as well as planning cross community events in neutral spaces.

    Bill Smith - Staff

    is an experienced driver that has worked in community arts for many years.

    Melissa Gordon - Staff

    has over 5 years experience in marketing arts initiatives, and is eager to promote and create awareness of the ‘Call Us a C.A.B!’ project.