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Education Support for Zambia's orphans

ZOA-UK supports c. 2,000 orphans and vulnerable children at 8 different projects and schools across Zambia. These projects have all been set up by local people to address the situation within their own communities and are in need of modest financial support to educate and feed their orphans

We aim to support each child until they finish their education. We also support bright, school leavers to gain tertiary qualifications. Local partners are encouraged to set up small businesses to ease their reliance upon overseas funding.

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  • Need


    There are over 1.4million orphans in Zambia, of which half are attributable to HIV/AIDS. Many live in child- or granny-headed households with insufficient means to fund the school uniforms, books and stationery necessary to attend even primary school. Without help, many of these children are in danger of missing out on an education altogether and falling prey to the dangers of child labour, sexual exploitation and crime.


    ZOA-UK works via our sister charity ZOA-Zambia (ZOA-Z) to fund small, grassroots community groups in areas where larger charities don't operate. Their leaders work on a largely voluntary basis and are just in need of modest financial support to fund school fees, books, uniforms and meals. We also help develop the infrastructure of three well-run community schools that receive no government funds and have high numbers of orphan and vulnerable students.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To enable the orphans that we support to reach their full potential


    » Removing barriers to attending school and tertiary education by providing compulsory fees and uniforms.
    » Provide meals to hungry children so they have enough energy to walk to school and can concentrate fully when there.
    » Monitoring the progress of sponsored children to ensure that they are attending school and achieving the necessary grades.
    » Funding capital projects at under resourced community schools to provide a better educational environment e.g. desks, science lab, latrines

    The children complete their primary education with good grades and then have opportunities for future education - either through secondary school or vocational training.

  • Impact


    The orphans we support will benefit from an education which will transform their future prospects.
    We are delighted that each year increasing numbers of the orphans we started supporting at school in 2006 are now gaining tertiary qualifications securing professional, salaried work (teachers, health professionals) and are supporting their own siblings through school (35 'ZOA' graduates so far).
    We would be happy to share case studies about the children we are currently supporting.


    The key risk is to raise sufficient funds year on year to finance the orphans we have already committed to support. Our projects are aware of this risk and undertake their own income generating activities to raise funds. We work extremely hard in the UK to raise funds from the general public and are continually researching new streams of funding.


    We report back to our individual donors with newsletters and are very happy to communicate via telephone or email at any time. We prepare more detailed updates for charitable trusts and foundations, as well as our major donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £157,226

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,800 Primary school costs 'PTA' fees, compulsory uniforms, books, shoes for 300 orphans
      £23,550 Secondary school costs school fees, uniforms, books, supplies for 150 orphans
      £47,332 Tertiary support College fees, supplies, books, some travel, living costs, hygiene packs for 47 tertiary students
      £20,100 Feeding programmes school feeding programmes at 3 community schools, for c. 1,000 children
      £30,144 Capex various capital: desks, science lab, vehicle, boarding house for disabled pupils, piggery
      £13,000 Teacher salaries Stipends for teachers & staff at Chibolya Community School (we raised funds for school build in 2012
      £14,300 M&E Costs of ZOA-Zambia monitoring, evaluation and support to partners

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Various donations from Charitable Trusts and one major donor £105,885 Guaranteed
    Membership fees from Friends £8,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    We are supporting orphans at 3 projects in Northern Province, which is rural, isolated and very poor with no industrial base. Two projects in Southern Province, similar to Northern, one in a slum in Kafue (an industrial town in Lusaka Province), and two community schools in Lusaka slums.


    Orphans and vulnerable children who have been identified by community leaders as desperately in need of external support in order to attend school.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    7 of the charity’s 9 trustees have lived and worked in Zambia, or are Zambian. We have first-hand experience, coupled with a commitment to the country. Our sister organisation in Zambia (ZOA-Z) underpins our governance structure and ensures that expenditure is monitored at grass roots level. The costs of the charity’s operation in the UK are met by the trustees themselves meaning 100% of any money raised from the general public goes directly to Zambia.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Lord Andrew Turnbull, UK Chair

    Heavily involved in charity's day-to-day running, our Chair has lived and worked in Zambia, and visits projects regularly at his own expense.

    Elizabeth Nkhoma

    Executive Director of ZOA-Zambia, deeply compassionate with over 20 years of project implementation, monitoring and evaluation experience.

    Innocent Kalinda, Chibolya Education & Health Organisation

    Our partner projects are run by skilled, dedicated community leaders, who volunteer their time in order to support orphans in their communities.


A year of critical secondary education for an orphan.

'They (Trustees) were all hugely proud of all you and the partner on the ground have achieved for those children with such a small amount of money.'

Lisa Mills, Marple Charitable Trust