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Making Music Connections

Making Music Connections will enable deafblind and disabled young people to communicate and express themselves. Using traditional instruments combined with the latest digital technology and recording facilities, we will provide fun educational musical workshops and performances for young people.

April 2011 - March 2012

Charity information: Sense Scotland

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  • Need


    We believe there should be no limit to what people can achieve through artistic expression. Young people with sensory impairments and complex disabilities are often seen as passive and non responsive and this lack of communication can present a barrier to participation in the arts. Young disabled people also face many challenges during the transition from childhood to adulthood. They can have difficulty finding their voice to express feelings and wishes, and forming and maintaining friendships.


    Music tutor David McCluskey, mainstream musicians and music organisations will work in partnership to develop a programme of interactive music sessions. Innovative music technology such as Sound Beam, Tenori-on and Skoog will complement traditional instruments to increase accessibility and creativity. These collaborations will generate lively and creative learning opportunities for the young people; helping them to create and perform music which has relevance to their lives and aspirations.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To enable young disabled people to express themselves through music.


    » Run 5 blocks of 6 week music workshops over one year
    » Work with the young people to plan and develop the music activities
    » Utilise accessible digital technology such as Skoog and Sound Beam
    » Record and produce individual and group CD’s and stage a public performance in TouchBase

    What success will look like

    Success will be demonstrated by a varied programme of workshops and performances involving a minimum of 30 young people, a range of partners and will engage a broad audience

    Aim 2

    Partnerships contribute a range of music genres to engage young disabled people to learn new skills


    » Invite a range of musicians and music organisations to deliver sessions
    » Collaborate with a mainstream venue to stage a public performance

    What success will look like

    Success will be involving the best musicians to bring creative and interactive ideas for working with young disabled people and a performance to the public

  • Impact


    Building confidence and self esteem
    Improved communication
    Development of new skills:
    • Musical ability
    • Presentation and performance
    • Recording and editing
    • Composition
    Formation of friendships

    We will demonstrate success by producing 6 weekly tutor block reports and evaluations. Video will also be used (subject to permissions) to monitor progress. This process will involve the young people, music tutor, music partners and carers.


    Sense Scotland arts department are experienced in developing and delivering a range of arts activities and projects. We will deal with issues as they arise, for example it is possible that a musician or organisation may be unable to deliver a workshop or to support a performance. In these instances we would use our existing networks to find a replacement


    The project will be included in quarterly arts reports which will be available to donors. We will also produce for funders an end of year project report detailing actvities and achievements, and a CD recorded by the young people.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £30,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £13,600 music workshops holding 30 music workshops for disabled children
      £1,500 carers & travel carers and travel costs for young people
      £5,000 partner musicians to deliver specialist music workshops
      £2,900 CD's video and evaluation recording and results
      £3,000 performance and marketing publicity and staging public performance
      £4,000 management & admin co-ordination of project
  • Background


    The project will be located in TouchBase Kinning Park, Glasgow. TouchBase is a base for Sense Scotland’s day care for disabled children and adults. Arts facilities in TouchBase include a music suite with recording studio. Additionally the courtyard café is open to the public and doubles as a performance venue. Disabled people who use TouchBase come from Glasgow and surrounding areas. Kinning Park is part of Greater Govan, an area of multiple deprivation which is undergoing regeneration.


    The project will benefit a minimum of 30 deafblind and disabled young people. Sense Scotland's Arts supports disabled children and adults, with complex communication needs, throughout Scotland to access a wide range of arts participation, as artists, participants and as audiences. These children and adults will have been born with a disability or have become disabled at an early age for a variety of reasons, resulting in complex communication difficulties, which Sense Scotland helps to address

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Sense Scotland has worked with deafblind and disabled people for 25 years. The arts programme has been developed in response to their needs and we have recognised the value of the arts in developing communication, expression and abilities. We are considered to be leaders in the field of arts and communication. There are a number of arts organisations working with disabled artists, we believe our work complements these organisations and we work in partnership with most where possible

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    Kiran Singh, Arts Manager

    Kiran trained as a teacher and artist, he manages the development of arts projects, partnerships and performance opportunities.

    David McCluskey, Music Practitioner

    David has an Arts Education diploma and has developed a range of innovative approaches for disabled people through the powerful med

    Brian Tolland

    Brian Tolland, Artform is a professional musician and experienced practitioner who regularly contributes to Sense Scotland music events.