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Supporting Local Youth Projects

We will offer support to local community based youth projects offering young people programs of engaging and challenging activities, a safe place to belong and trusted adults who can get along side them.

3 years

Charity information: Young Bristol

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  • Need


    Running a local youth project can be a lonely business. Often run by volunteers or part-time staff, these projects can be under-resourced and lack support. The enthusiasm and energy of the committed local people who keep the work going is invaluable. However this is hard to maintain with the ever increasing burden of bureaucracy, legislation and paper work - not to mention the on going stress of raising sufficient funding on a week by week basis.


    We will offer support to local youth projects in and around Bristol, building on the local need and vision, and enabling local communities to meet those needs. We will advise and support youth projects through issues relating to running a successful youth project e.g. governance, fundraising, record keeping, child protection, health and safety, managing buildings, good practice etc. We will offer training opportunities for staff as well as access to a range of activities for young people.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Support a network of local youth projects-resourcing them to run excellent services for young people


    » Offer support to management committees on fundraising, governance, health & safety, child protection, insurance, employment and managing volunteers.
    » Offer support to volunteers and paid staff to deliver excellent work with young people - including networking opportunities, training & development.
    » Offer subsidised activity programs to local youth projects including outdoor activities, 5-a-side tournaments, night hikes, pool competitions and art.
    » Offer subsidised access to minibuses, a narrowboat and insurance services.

    What success will look like

    Having a network of 30 youth projects who each have a robust and competent management committee, skilled and motivated staff and volunteers and are well attended by young people.

  • Impact


    The project will secure long term universally accessible provision for young people in communities across Bristol. We will work with each of these local projects on a long term basis as they remain part of our network. We will carry out an annual survey with the projects in our network to ensure that we are meeting their needs and identify further support needs.


    The significant risk is that youth projects don't choose to take up our support. However, Young Bristol is well established and well regarded in the city and we already have excellent links with grass roots projects - we will continue to build on our links as widely as possible to maximise our potential audience.


    We will report on an annual basis, using the findings from our annual survey as the framework for the report. This will include numbers of young people involved in the local projects and how they have benefited. It will also include numbers of projects supported and how they have benefited.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £205,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £111,000 Youth Project Support Manager Salary for Clubs Support Manager (including On Costs) - 3 YRS
      £63,000 Youth Project Program Dev Wrkr Including on Costs - 3YRS
      £16,500 Admin / overheads Phone, stationery, heating, rent, travel expenses, staff training etc - 3YRS
      £15,000 Training budget For local project staff - 3YRS
  • Background


    Young Bristol already supports clubs in 14 areas in the 10% most deprived nationally and 23 areas out of the 50 most deprived in Bristol. We would target new project in areas identified as scoring highly in deprivation indices.


    The ultimate beneficiaries of the project with be young people aged 8 - 19 who live in the most deprived areas of the city. Bristol is a city of great contrasts with areas of abundant wealth (predominantly in the North and West of the city) and areas of extreme poverty (predominantly in the South and East of the city). Bristol's education system is well know for performing poorly with the city falling to the bottom of the performance tables for primary schools and also based on GCSE results.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Young Bristol has been supporting local youth projects in and around Bristol since 1928. The work of the charity has grown out of a grass roots movement of volunteer led youth clubs based in local communities, working to provide positive activities and development opportunities for young people. We currently work with over 9,000 young people (aged 8-24) each year across our programmes (Youth Clubs, Outdoor Activities and Youth Volunteering).

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    Youth Projects Support Manager

    Overseeing our work with local youth projects, making initial contact, working with management committees to develop robust management and governance.

    Local Youth Project Management Committees

    To engage with us so that we can support them. Being open to new ways of working, partnerships and being challenged as well as encouraged.

    Youth Projects Programme Development Worker

    To engage with youth project staff and support them in the face to face delivery of work with young people, and development of activity programs.