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Project information

Giving Something Back

As Herefordshire's Centre for the Arts we wish to develop our community arts work in rural, deprived and isolated areas of the county. We already deliver activities to a range of groups but wish to focus on younger, older and disadvantaged communities. This work should be long term and sustainable.

February 2011 - January 2012

Charity information: The Courtyard Centre for the Arts

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  • Need


    Herefordshire is one of the UK's largest rural counties with associated problems eg: lack of transport, pockets of isolation and deprivation & lack of access to facilities and services. Vulnerable groups like older and younger people suffer most from deprivation, older people forming a high percentage of the local population. Both groups are provent to benefit from engagement with accessible arts. However, there is a need for affordable arts activities delivered on people's doorsteps.


    The Courtyard is Herefordshire's Arts Centre serving the whole of the local community. We have a strong education department with a growing outreach arm. We wish to develop further our community work with young and old people, offering a range of arts projects in a sustainable way to meet proven needs. We have access to skilled personnel and local networks but lack the resources to build on our work. We wish to deliver a range of projects in all types of arts, reaching many community groups

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To reduce number of disadvantaged people in rural communities by delivery of a range arts activities


    » Arts & Crafts. A range of classes eg: Painting, print making, pottery, stained glass, jewellery making
    » Drama. Courses could include learning drama techniques and acting, plus theatrical skills eg: stage management, props & costumes, sound & lighting
    » Singing & Dancing. Courses would include learning a wide range of dance genres and singing sessions incorporate learning about voice techniques
    » Photography & Film Making.

    What success will look like

    Success will be evaluated through numbers taking part in activities provided. Ongoing evaluation will take place with participants and practitioners with regular feedback sessions

    Aim 2

    To enable people to be more active in their communities


    » Arts and Crafts sessions could lead to the creation of a largescale community mural showcasing many arts techniques to go on long term public display
    » Drama workshops could lead to a touring dramatic production to be staged in local community venues with live audiences
    » Dance classes could lead to a dance show or dance evenings with a band open to the public. Singing workshops could lead to creation of new local choir
    » Film making could result in creation of short films to be shown in local venues eg: at annual Borderlines Film Festival and photography exhibition

    What success will look like

    Success will be evaluated through the numbers of community activities successfully launched in the locations selected, especially those resulting in community and public events

    Aim 3

    To encourage healthy lifestyles for older and younger people - both physically and mentally


    » Involvement in drama can lead to surprising results, Participants learn confidence, teamwork, speaking and listening skills, improved memory
    » Dance is very physical but highly enjoyable form of exercise, leading to increased stamina and coordination in a sociable activity

    What success will look like

    Success will be receiving positive feedback from participants stating that they feel their physical or mental state has improved following participation in the project

    Aim 4

    To encourage children and young people to engage in positive behaviour in their communities


    » Through visual arts young people can learn specialist skills that they can then see publically displayed. A wide range of these will suit most tastes.
    » Drama activities will involve games for younger children and more serious drama skills for older ones. Participation will include public performance.
    » Dance is a fun way of keeping active and appealing to more physical children eg Boys. This will lead to community events such as local dance nights
    » Film making and photography have appeal because modern equipment is easy to use and children can see quick results. These can lead to public displays

    What success will look like

    Success will be gaining positive responses from young participants and seeing the results of their work eg: By them organising a local event to showcase the results of their work

    Aim 5

    To enable more older people to remain in their own homes


    » Through this programme older people can have the opportunity to learn new skills in a wide range of ways in local, sociable and friendly settings

    What success will look like

    Success will be evaluating longer term the positive effects of accessible classes delivered locally to older people through their increase in skills and enjoyment of social events

  • Impact


    Longterm success will be evaluated through:
    -Number & quality of workshops & courses delivered
    -Continuing numbers of participants
    -Number & success of community displays/productions
    -Number of local specialist arts practitioners employed
    -Success of community partnerships created through this work
    -Increased ability to raise further funding to increase sustainability
    -Evaluation of disadvantaged participants in terms of how they view the arts & its effect on their lives


    Risks would include:
    -Lack of takeup of classes and activities on offer. This would be minimised by thorough research to establish to needs and wishes of community groups before setting up the project.
    -Lack of funding, leading to much reduced programme of work. This is addressed through applying for funding to a range of sources.
    -Lack of practitioners to deliver the work. We have a database of specialist arts workers who deliver workshops for us, and we will also advertise if necessary


    Donors will be reported to in the following ways:
    -Email and direct mail updates outlining progress and success stories
    -Through local and regional PR through the media focusing on activities of community participants
    -Through our Friends newsletter FOCUS (direct mailed and on website)

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Arts/crafts 12 arts/crafts workshops
      £3,000 Photography 12 photography workshops
      £3,000 Film 12 film workshops
      £3,000 Dance 12 dance workshops
      £3,000 Drama 12 drama workshops
      £3,000 Singing 12 singing workshops
      £1,000 Admin HR, payroll,project mgt.
      £1,000 contingency Extra costs
  • Background


    The project, incorporating a wide range of activity streams, will take place in community locations throughout Herefordshire. The locations are likely to be market towns and other isolated areas such as the west of the county furthest from Hereford City, where provision of arts activities is very limited. We will work closely with local community groups such as Herefordshire Voluntary Action to identify needy groups of older and young people and will then evaulate what activities are needed


    The 2 major groups are:
    -Young people (up to 18) who suffer from transport issues and lack of access to activities due to the rural nature of the county. We will aim to identify particularly needy groups such as teenagers, and low income and disengaged individuals. We will provide appropriate activities for each age group.
    -Older people (60+). We will work with partner Age Concern to identify older groups, and link with them to provide them with needed activities in accessible locations

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Courtyard is a successful arts centre serving rural Herefordshire. We are the only arts centre in the county, and have established a strong track record in working with our local community through our growing education and outreach department. Following significant work with deprived groups, we wish to develop countywide projects with older and younger groups . Recent funding gained to support an Older People's Arts Officer means that we now need more funds to support this new role

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    Grant Brisland

    Grant is Learning Participation & Programming Coordinator, responsible for heading up the Education & Outreach Department, and programming all events

    Benjamin Peer

    Ben is Community Arts Development Officer, working on outreach projects around the county. He would work closely on this project with practitioners

    David Durant

    David is Education Officer & Youth Theatre Leader. David runs Youth Theatre and delivers educational drama workshops in the community and in schools

    Kate Ganderton

    Kate is Education Officer & Youth Theatre Leader. Kate runs Youth Theatre and delivers educational drama workshops in the community and in schools