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Project information

City of Lights

To ensure that City of Lights in Truro can continue to innovate artistically , develop community workshops and manage its success. Last year we had an audience of over 25,000; we need to ensure they are safe and can all enjoy the event. We need to improve our crowd management and communication.

September 2010 - November 2011

Charity information: Kernow Education Arts Partnership

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  • Need


    We are trying to ensure the sustainability of this very popular festival. it is crucial that it remains an artistic and community flagship project as it encourages other community celebrations in Cornwall. We need to ensure that our ever growing ( from 5000 to 25000 in the last 3 years)audience is safe and enjoys the experience. We are victims of our success and have currently outgrown our resources. We also need to build up development resources to ensure sustainability.


    We need to give the artists opportunities to innovate and experiment with new ideas - this takes time and resources. We also need to improve our event management with more barriers and means of communicating with the crowd so that there is no danger of a crush. This again needs investment. And thirdly we need build our financial reserves to ensure we can develop and sustain into the future

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Ensure the sustainability of City of Lights - artistically, logistically and financially


    » Encourage artist innovation and development by bringing in one new aspect to the parade in 2010 and 2011
    » Extend the range of community workshops
    » Improve the event management by giving organisers more time and resources
    » Build central resources to enable development , fundraising and marketing into future years

    What success will look like

    Success will be audiences continue to be spellbound by the parade, that they turn out on a wet November evening; that the crowd is well managed; that we continue for next 10 years.

  • Impact


    Artistic development - City of Lights is recognised as being very different from other lantern parades. Audiences will continue in large numbers and the event gains more regional and national recognition. More community groups are encouraged to run their own satellite City of Lights events. we enter each financial year with a surplus which can allow for real development in both artistic, management and financial terms.


    The risks are artistic, logistic and financial. If we don't innovate then the parade risks becoming predictatable. We must have better crowd control and communication as with such large number of people gathered together there could be all kinds of incidents. We need to increase the resrouce that goes into this area. If we continue to lurch financial from one year to the next it will be impossible to make these developments and ensure the event is sustainable.


    We will create a report after each event with facts, figures and photographs. We have a website at www.cityoflights.co.uk which is kept up to date. We also traditionally hold a donors and partners gathering on the night of the event. We would be happy to report face to face as well.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £28,500

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,550 project man paid team, rest is volunteer
      £9,200 artists commissions
      £4,500 workshos schools and community
      £6,250 production events costs

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    visit Cornwall £8,000 Conditional
  • Background


    Truro in Cornwall. The school and community workshops take place in and around Truro and then all join together in a huge parade in the middle of Truro in November. The Truro event is also a catalyst for many smaller community lantern events acrss Cornwall. The artist made lanterns are then displayed in the town and are used in other events.


    The small lanterns are made by primary and secondary pupils and community groups. Degree students make the larger lanterns with artist input. This is one of the few opportunities for artist commissions which ensures the high quality of the event - we also have traineeships for recent graduates. The event draws and audience from all over Cornwall and Devon; coach trips come for shopping in the day and the evening event. The images are used to celebrate Cornwall's rich culture.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Keap has been part of the steering group of City of lights since its inception. for us it is a key part of our calendar as it offers such a rich cultural and artistic engagement for young people with strong pride of place. We are very well connected with all the schools in the area as well as the artistic and cultural institutions and we are veyr linked into the community. We have all the connections, we now need to ensure the financial stability.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Anthony Crosby

    He is the lead artist and works tirelessly to ensure the the highest artistic standards. He is also instrumental in building partnerships.

    Claire Eason Basset

    She manages the event and all the teams from the steering group to the dozens of volunteers and ensures that the all the logisitics are in place.

    Neil Scott

    he is key at developing partnerships with the local business community and supporting the marketing.

    Dot Peryer

    She ensures sound financial management and developing partners