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Project information

Unique Solutions for Our Children

Ezer LaYeled will provide Unique Solutions to parents, schools, caregivers and other professionals to enable them assist children who are struggling due to illness or disability.

September 2010 - August 2013

Charity information: Ezer LaYeled

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  • Need


    Since Ezer LaYeled was established in 2003 we have identified the lack of support to children and their families when they are challenged with illness and disability.

    Childrens' education is vital to their future and when they struggle with illness and/or physical/educational disability without appropriate advice and support then they cannot realise their true potential which in return has a detrimental effect on their self esteem, behaviour and prospects for future employment.


    By identifying the problems that the individuals are experiencing and by providing unique solutions, including advice, support, sign posting, counselling, treatment packages, this will enable the children and their families approach their problems with confidence and focus. this will in return help the children access the support that they desperately require which will then give them the encouragement to maximise their potential.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To identify 30 Children from Salford that would benefit from this program


    » Advertise in the local Paper.
    » Speak to local Schools and GP Practices

    What success will look like

    Success will be when we have identified 25 children that begin the project.

    Aim 2

    Reduce the amount of Children excluded from social interaction


    » Providing advice and programmes to parents this will enable them to remediate some of the problems which will encourage social interaction

    What success will look like

    Success will be when we receive feedback that these children are enjoying social interaction with their peers

    Aim 3

    Reduce the frustration that families tend to feel when faced with challenges from their children


    » By offering clear direction and support to children and families this will enable them remain focused without being over whelmed

    What success will look like

    Success will be by monitoring our performance and seeking feedback from beneficiaries to confirm that we have made a difference.

  • Impact


    Long Term Changes will include more children succeeding in their education, social skills, coping strategies, despite of their weaknesses. This will give them the foundation blocks to enter higher education or to give them the ability to begin thinking about employment in the future.


    We don't see that there should be any risk other than another organisation deciding to do an identical project. However, even then, we believe that this is not a risk since the more organisations that cater for the disadvantaged the more awareness this will bring to the benefit of these children and families.


    We will keep funders updated of the progress of our project by sending quaterly updates outlining our activities and successes. If deemed necessary we will inform them of any changes that have been implemented to the benefit of the beneficiaries.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £31,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £11,000 Office Rent for Office, telephone,printing and postage, advertising
      £20,400 Salaries Salaries for Secretary, Advisor/Coordinator
  • Background


    Salford, Manchester


    HArd reaching community. Minority Ethnic Group who live in deprived area.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have been providing several services over the years and we are well known to the community and we have gained a good reputation.

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    Y GOldberg

    He is the Manager and has been extremely successful in other projects