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Project information

Rebuilding Men's Lives After Modern Slavery

In contrast to many assumptions about modern slavery, it is not only women and children who suffer. In fact, over half of survivors of modern slavery are men. Frank, a survivor being supported at Unseen's men's safehouse, tells his story this Christmas, giving insight into the exploitation of men.

This project is on-going

Charity information: Unseen

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  • Need


    In the UK, thousands of men like Frank are being forced to work extremely long hours for minimal pay in industries such as construction, agriculture & hand car washes, often also subjected to horrific sexual exploitation.

    Generally malnourished, male victims are often forced to share dirty, overcrowded, unsafe accommodation and routinely subjected to physical and mental abuse to enforce their exploitation. Last year, of the 5,145 people who escaped slavery in the UK, 52% were men.


    Unseen’s Men’s Safehouse provides the only 24/7 emergency accommodation and specialist care for men in the South West. Our support workers treat physical injuries, malnutrition, depression, fear and isolation. They also help the men to navigate complex legal information to make effective decisions about their future. This enables the men to take back control and tackle the effects of exploitation. In 2017, 100% of survivors in the safehouse said they felt able to move on with their lives.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To enable male victims of human trafficking to create safety, hope and choice for their future.


    » Provide a safe, caring, supportive environment for men. Somewhere that feels like home, where men can access 24/7 specialist support.
    » To provide male survivors with critical care when they first arrive to meet their immediate medical and emotional needs.
    » To work one-to-one with each survivor to help them rebuild their life, support them with their trauma, build skills & make a move-on plan.

    What success will look like

    100% of survivors will be provided with medical care, legal advice and therapeutic services.
    At least 80% of survivors to report increased feelings of safety, hope and choice.

  • Impact


    Survivors will begin to recover from their trauma, and be supported to make positive choices about their next steps.

    Survivors will be enabled to become more resilient, linked to support agencies and making their own decisions about their future. This will reduce the likelihood of repeat exploitation.

    Identify modern slavery trends and hotspots by analysing monitoring and evaluation data and sharing with frontline agencies, to prevent and disrupt trafficking activity in the long term.


    The men that enter Unseen's Safehouse often have multiple, complex needs. Many find it difficult to settle in to a new home when they are coping with trauma and are being pressured by their traffickers to return.

    The project team delivers training on safety, the tactics that traffickers use, internet safety and safe travel. Workshops on photography & cooking provide therapeutic respite and the gym and library provide informal spaces for men to communicate and build trust.


    We provide a quarterly supporter newsletter, and bespoke newsletters for corporates and community groups. Unseen produces an annual Impact Report and we will produce a one off report on the impact of the Big Give which will be sent to all donors.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £45,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £7,318 Survivor Recovery Counselling, medical support, legal advice, communications
      £22,500 Support worker Dedicated, one to one support to help survivors in their recovery
      £4,749 Safehouse overheads Rent, bills, insurance, repairs, security
      £3,206 Survivor day to day support Therapeutic activites, IT provision and phones, groceries, evaluation and monitoring activities
      £2,727 Staff support Staff supervision and wellbeing support, staff training
      £4,500 Admin Management costs, central office support

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Big GIve match funding £7,500 Conditional
    Unseen Supporter match funding £15,000 Conditional
  • Background


    Unseen's Men's Safehouse is located in an anonymous location in the South West of UK for security purposes - to keep victims safe from being located by their traffickers.


    Each year Unseen supports ~25 men who have suffered from the very worst exploitation to rest and begin their recovery in our Men's Safehouse. We work closely with police and partner organisations to identify trends and gather intelligence about trafficking hotspots and modern slavery practice. We share this information with the Home Office and other agencies and NGO's to inform design of policy interventions and grassroots activity to disrupt and prevent modern slavery in the long term.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Unseen provides the only 24/7 emergency accommodation for male survivors of the worst experiences of Modern Slavery, in the South West of England.

    However, we do so much more:
    We support hundreds of survivors each year to recover safely & develop resilient, independent lives.
    We inform NHS, Police & other frontline workers, with training, advice and resources, to identify and support potential victims.
    We influence government & society to inspire changes in legislation, policy and society.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Andrew Wallis OBE

    As founder and Chief Executive, Andrew chaired the CSJ report that Theresa May cited as the catalyst for the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

    Kate Garbers

    Kate leads Unseen's survivor services. She won the DSC Influencer Award 2017 and is often called upon as an Expert Witness for trafficking victims

    Justine Currell

    Justine is Unseen's Executive Director. Justine had a 20 year career at the Home Office and was the Head of the Modern Slavery Unit.

I was far from my country and my friends, and these people showed me compassion and love. Now, what can I do with this? Now I have to give compassion and love back to others