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Project information

Youth Leadership Programme

OneVoice's Youth Leadership programme trains the best and brightest young Israelis and Palestinians in conflict resolution, public speaking, and community activism, equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the ability to play a role in ending the conflict, today.

24 months

Charity information: OneVoice Movement

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  • Need


    Previous generations of leaders in both Israel and Palestine have failed to deliver peace for their people.
    Ordinary people do not see a path that leads toward an end to occupation, violence and mutual animosity; worse than this, nobody is truly investing in the next generation of young peace-makers, who will need to be stronger, more resilient and more committed leaders than their forbears if peace is to be secured, built upon, and sustained.


    Only by investing in the youth of Israel and Palestine, and creating a new generation of inspirational leaders can we fundamentally break with failed dynamics of the past.
    OneVoice is committed to creating a network of young people who will not only succeed where their forbears failed, but transform the dynamics of hate, mistrust and anger that pervade both societies. Using cutting edge tools and methodology, OneVoice has already trained thousands of young leaders.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To create a human infrastructure of 4,800 young leaders, leading communities across the region


    » Introductory Training: the initial immersion course consists of in-depth training on the OneVoice mission, vision & methodology
    » Advanced Training: Once new recruits have completed the introductory session, advanced training equips them with leadership & advocacy skills
    » Mobilisation: The final stage in training is equipping the youth with the skills to organise events, initiatives and campaigns, & mobilise their peers

    What success will look like

    Success will be measured both in the quantity of youth leaders trained, and the quality of the elite level of leaders, and the initiatives they plan, execute, and build upon.

  • Impact


    This project aims to transform key segments of Israeli & Palestinian society, gearing them toward active agency in ending the conflict; as well as just as significantly transforming the role of youth within their respective societies- conferring a heightened responsibility for civic and political leadership on the most talented amongst them
    We will demonstrate success through the activities that these youth leaders subsequently plan & execute, and the effect that they have in their communities


    There are obviously substantial external risks when working in the Middle East.
    1. Movement of staff/youth leaders being inhibited:
    In Palestine in particular, sudden political changes can result in closures.
    We deal with this by having a a geographically decentralised volunteer structure, allowing flexibility.
    2. Political turmoil making work dangerous/difficult:
    We are lucky to have senior figures in Israeli & Palestinian politics on our respective boards who can assist


    We publish monthly youth leadership activity reports, which are available to donors, as well as a full project report at the end of every calender year. We also offer regular private updates in the UK and US, and bring graduates of our programme to the UK to meet donors and personally update them

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £260,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £56,000 Programme Managers (x2) These managers (1 Israeli,1 Palestinian) will recruit YLs, organise workshops, & execute programme
      £40,000 Training Consultation We bring in expert trainers to help develop curriculum, provide resources, and equip YLs
      £13,500 Accommodation & Transportation Costs associated with residential training, refreshments, and transport
      £17,000 Publicity/Advertising Costs linked to promotion of programme, recruitment of best leaders
      £13,500 Materials & Equipment Cost of necessary training materials, handbooks, and equipment
      £60,000 Youth Council Project Stipend Budget to allow YLs to put on their own meetings, initiatives and projects, nationwide
      £60,000 Youth Campaigns Centrally administered budget toward nationwide, parallel public campaigns

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Eranda Foundation £50,000 Guaranteed
    Lewis Family Trust £20,000 Conditional
  • Background


    The project will be located in various communities, towns, cities and university campuses across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


    The respective populations of Israel and Palestine are disproportionately young, and this project will benefit young people from across the social, religious, political and geographic spectrum; including- but not limited to- Refugees, recent immigrants, religious communities, disadvantaged youth and rural/disconnnected communities

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    OneVoice is ideally placed to maximise the potential of young Israelis and Palestinians to end this conflict. We have been training youth in both societies since 2003, & have developed an innovative methodology that has proven successful. Graduates of our programme have gone on to become genuine leaders; in the Palestinian Authority, the Knesset, & within the communities they come from. We have contacts and infrastructure spanning the entire geographic region- committed to conflict resolution

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Tal Harris

    Tal is OneVoice Israel's Executive Director, and is himself a graduate of our programme, having chaired the Tel Aviv chapter.

    Samer Makhlouf

    Samer is OneVoice Palestine's Executive Director, and has a wealth of experience in both conflict resolution and youth empowerment

OneVoice's Eye-Opener Video

The real change can only come from you, the young leaders of OneVoice; the grassroots make the change and the political leaders will follow you

Tony Blair- Quartet Representative