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Project information

The egg theatre’s 5th birthday Eggpot Appeal

The egg theatre in Bath was hatched 5 years ago. To celebrate we want to expand our Eggpot fund so more young people with disabilities and from rurally isolated & culturally deprived areas can take part in a wider range of the egg’s activities and have the same chances as more privileged youngsters

January 2011 - December 2013

Charity information: The egg at the Theatre Royal Bath

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  • Need


    1) Disabled teenagers don't have the same opportunities as others to participate in the egg regularly throughout the year. 2) The area's apparent wealth masks pockets of economic deprivation & cultural isolation. The view that the Theatre is elitist & expensive, coupled with poor public transport, makes it hard for some youngsters to access the egg. 3) It is harder for schools to run theatre trips as teaching cover costs have increased, and transport plus tickets is too much for some pupils


    1) We will turn an irregular drama project for disabled teenagers into a year-round regular Young Peoples Theatre (YPT) Create group offering wider range of theatre skills. 2) The egg in Radstock will offer varied activities for different ages in an ex-mining area with few arts events but excellent new school facilities. 3) The Eggpot will offer more bursaries for YPT and holiday activities, and show tickets & transport subsidies so disadvantaged children can also enjoy what others can afford.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Diversify the egg’s range of YPT Groups by setting up a dedicated group for disabled teenagers


    » YPT Create will be a year-round weekly group at the egg for disabled teenagers aged 13+ with appropriate support from theatre & care professionals
    » The teenagers will work with associate artists to explore various theatre skills including music, drama, dance, urban arts & backstage activities
    » They will be supported by theatre professionals to put on an annual staged performance for friends and families at the egg theatre
    » More young disabled people can be encouraged and supported to join other YPT Groups and activities and to attend performances at the egg

    What success will look like

    Success will be increased participation & regular attenders for all groups, positive feedback and enabling some participants to join activities or productions at the egg

    Aim 2

    Engage culturally deprived & rurally isolated youngsters in egg activities run in the Radstock area


    » One weekly daytime Dinkies drama, music, craft and movement group for 12 toddlers & pre-school children and their parents & carers
    » Two weekly after-school Younger groups to develop drama, dance, music, speaking & listening skills, each for 18 children aged 5-6 and 7-9 yrs
    » One regular weekly Young People’s Theatre group for 25 young people aged 9-16 exploring theatre skills through acting, dance & music workshops
    » 10 youngsters can join YPT productions at the egg via travel subsidies & bursaries, and 20 more can have tickets & travel subsidies to three egg shows

    What success will look like

    Success will be increased participation, regular attendance, positive feedback from participants, carers & families, and for some participants to join YPT activities & egg shows

    Aim 3

    The Eggpot enables people, trusts & businesses to help disadvantaged children benefit from the egg


    » The egg team will meet youngsters who want to join in more egg activities but can’t because of their social, financial or geographical circumstances
    » The egg wants to offer them Eggpot bursaries for YPT places and egg holiday courses and subsidies for transport & tickets for egg performances
    » The Eggpot is asked to subsidise more coaches as teacher cover costs have increased so it is more expensive for schools and pupils to visit the egg
    » Around 200 children got support last year but the more funds we can raise for the Eggpot, the more disadvantaged young people can be helped

    What success will look like

    Success will be increased funding to enable more disadvantaged young people to benefit from egg activities and more school pupils who otherwise could not afford to attend egg show

  • Impact


    Young people involved in the egg develop creative & communication skills. Their concentration, confidence & team-work improve. Their cultural horizons are broadened with pathways to further involvement. They work with theatre professionals who, as good role models and mentors, recognise & value the young people as individuals. This develops the participants’ self-esteem & sense of achievement. Ongoing engagement and positive feedback from participants, schools & families will show this success


    a) If there is insufficient funding, we could apply to more trusts, individuals and businesses for support or reduce the programme
    b) If there aren't enough participants, we could increase the publicity, broaden the search and find new ways to recruit people or modify the offer
    c) If there is too much demand, we could set up a waiting list, offer travel subsidies and bursaries to activities at the egg or increase the sessions


    We will ask donors how and when they want feedback and acknowledgement. Methods include listing and logos on the egg’s website and brochure, interim reports or newsletters, invitations to events, a final evaluation and acknowledgement in the egg’s 5th birthday report and the TRB annual review

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £48,540

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,000 Productions Visiting show in Radstock, set & materials for YPT Create, egg installation in Radstock
      £21,905 Creative team Creatives & project co-ordinator for YPT Create & Radstock egg
      £9,460 Travel & expenses Creatives T&E, minibuses to egg for Radstock participants, school coach subsidy to egg
      £3,350 Technical Tech wages, equipment hire, workshop assistant & stage manager for YPT Create & Radstock egg
      £7,825 Marketing, Admin & Tickets Publicity, tshirts, room hire, egg tickets for YPT Create, Radstock egg, eggpot recipients
  • Background


    Whilst B&NES is perceived as wealthy, four wards are in the lowest 20% of the country’s Indices of Multiple Deprivation. Radstock, bordering rural Somerset, has a higher than average number of young and lone parents, low income families, low education attainments and skills levels. It is the centre of a deprived former mining & industrial area with poor transport links to Bath and few cultural activities. But the redeveloped school has a brand new theatre and arts facilities for community use


    16 disabled teenagers from B&NES aged 13+ and up to 120 friends and families who support their production in the egg
    73 youngsters aged 18 months to18 years from culturally deprived area & their parents/carers who join them in workshops, at a production in Radstock and come to shows at the egg.
    22 children from non-theatre going or low-income families who get eggpot bursaries for YPT regular & holiday activities;
    468 pupils from disadvanted schools helped with egg ticket & travel subsidies

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The award-winning egg is one of the few theatres in the country dedicated to children and young people. Since opening, we have worked hard to ensure disadvantaged children can have the same opportunities as more privileged children. Our team of theatre professionals specialise in working with young people. We are experienced in running successful projects with disabled and disadvantaged teenagers and in rural schools. We know these models work and the benefits that the young people gain.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Kate Cross

    Kate, the founding Director of the egg, will oversee its long-term strategy & produce the programme of live performances at the egg & in Radstock

    Lucy Girvan

    Lucy, the Head of Creative Learning, will oversee the egg’s work with YPT Create, mentor YPT bursary recipients and co-ordinate schools' egg trips

    Hannah Entwistle

    Hannah, the Creative Learning Producer, will oversee the Radstock egg project and liaise with associate artists & project manager & arrange egg visits

    Lindsay Baker

    Lindsay, the egg Manager, runs the whole egg operation administratively & operationally & is responsible for allocating the Eggpot to ensure fairness