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Gynaecology Cancer Research

Gynaecological cancers affect 1.2million women a year worldwide and over 850,000 women die from the disease. Despite these grim statistices gynaecological cancer remains an underfunded and underprofiled cause. The Eve Appeal is determined to change this by funding groundbreaking research.

The research is ongoing

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  • Need


    Gynaecological cancers are the world's fourth largest cancer killer of women. Every year, 1 million women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer worldwide (compared to 1.2 million who are diagnosed with breast cancer) and, ever year, over 850,000 women die from these diseases.

    In the UK, 17,500 women are diagnosed and over 7,000 women die every year.

    Despite this, gynaecological cancers remain an underprofiled and underfunded cause.


    The Eve Appeal funds groundbreaking research into gynaecological cancers in order to drive early diagnosis of the disease and to lead the way in prevention. The research that we fund is part of a programme at the Gynaecology Cancer Research Centre at UCL, which leads research in gynaecological cancers in the UK and is one of the leading research centres in the world.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To have deaths from gynaecological cancers by 2020 through early diagnosis and prevention.


    » To fund groundbreaking research in early diagnosis, risk prediction and prevention of gynaecological cancers.
    » To raise awareness of gynaecological cancers amongst women and primary health care professionals (including pharmacists).
    » To shape the health and policy environment for gynaecological cancers.

    What success will look like

    -Ovarian cancer screening programme; Disseminated key messages on all gynaecological cancers; Increased uptake in cervical cancer screening/ vaccine; & Endometrial cancer screening

  • Impact


    Through funding groundbreaking research into gynaecological cancers, we are confident that we can provide the tools necessary to reduce deaths in the UK by 50% over the next 10 years.
    The research that we fund will also have a positve impact on gynaecological cancer deaths throughout the world.


    To achieve our aim it is vital that The Eve Appeal continues to fund the Gynaecology Cancer Research Centre at a level that allows them to continue the current momentum of their work. The results remain achievable, however it will take longer to achieve our goal without suitable funding levels. Therefore, The Eve Appeal has put in place a robust and realistic fundraising strategy that we feel confident to achieve - alongside our funding partners - offering the best opportunity for success.


    The Eve Appeal reports to its donors via a series of communications. Namely, the strategic review, our annual review, quarterly newsletters and engagements events. For restricted donations, specific project update information is provided for the funder.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £1,500,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £300,000 Ovarian Cancer Research Research into risk stratification, early detection and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
      £350,000 Gynaecological Cancer Research Early detection and diagnosis of gynaecological cancer - including laboratory overheads
      £600,000 Direct Costs Office running costs, salaries, fundraising costs
      £250,000 Information and Awarness Costs of generated gynaecological cancer information and educating the public
  • Background


    Gynaecological Cancer is a global problem. However, the work that The Eve Appeal undertakes is to improve survival rates from gynaecological cancer in the UK, where 7500 women die every year from these diseases.
    The outcomes of the Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre will also have a wider benefit to women and their families worldwide.


    All women throughout the UK.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Eve Appeal is the only UK charity dedicated to funding research into all gynaecological cancers. The research that we fund is part of a programme at the Gynaecology Cancer Research Centre at UCL, which leads in research in gynaecological cancers in the UK and is one of the leading research centres in the world. Positive research results are already offering real hope to women. We are now in a position to turn that hope into a reality.

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    Board Of Trustees

    Our Board of Trustees are dedicated to saving women's lives from gynaecological cancer and ensure that the charity meets its organisational objectives

    Development Board

    The Development Board are offering their time to support the charity's fundraising goals and ensure that income targets are met.


    The Eve Appeal staff team are dedicated and hard working with a genuine passion to make a difference for the women and their families who are affected