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58i is a Nottingham based charity that seeks to provide holistic restoration for those experiencing acute hardship. Our heart is to offer transformational services that lead to long term change and development in those we work with. We specialise in homelessness, debt and addiction.

58i general covers 3 projects (Rally, CMA, Nightstop) and we offer financial adminstration in the UK for The King's Village Project, Ghana.

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  • Need


    58i is a fast-growing Nottingham based charity, established in 2005 by Christians with a vision to tackle the root causes of poverty and exclusion and to empower our clients with the tools needed to succeed. The social problems we aim to tackle as an organisation are those that lead people into a life of poverty and then those that keep them entrenched there. These include poor parenting skills, lack of education and medical care, debt, homelessness, family breakdown and substance addiction.


    Our work is split into 3 categories: early intervention, breaking cycles of poverty & international development. Our intervention work consists of support with youth homelessness (Nightstop). Our breaking cycles work involves supporting the homeless and drug & alcohol addicts (Rally), and debt management (Change Debt Advice). We also partner with an international development work called The King’s Village Project based in Ghana.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    58i has one simple aim; to transform the lives of those trapped in social poverty and exclusion.


    » Our early intervention work- Nottingham Nightstop- aims to intervene to prevent vulnerable young adults from slipping into poverty.
    » Our Rally and Change Debt Advice projects aim to break the cycle of poverty and help people make positive steps forward.
    » Our international development work- the King's Village Project, is in Ghana and includes a hospital, school, nutrition centre and community outreach.

    Success will be in the form of individual lives changed; those that overcome the root issues underpinning their problems. Each project will also have specific targets of success.

  • Impact


    Each project has a number of long term aims that will be measured through effective monitoring and evaluation. These include the number of clients successfully referred to rehab, the number of young people kept off the streets and thus the associated threats and the number of clients freed from debt.
    58i's long term changes are harder to demonstrate beyond the example of lives changed and the stories of those freed from a life of poverty and isolation.


    58i faces a number of risks as an organisation and our 18 page risk assessment form describes how we plan to deal with such risks (available upon request).


    We report to grant giving foundations on a project by project basis depending on their requirements.

    We report to individual donors via regular e-news updates.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £132,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £132,000 58i general Costs for the entire organisation, based on 2013 figures. More details available upon request.

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    58i has a variety of sources of funding as an organisation. From individual donors to grants. £100,000 Conditional
  • Background


    Our UK projects reach out across Nottingham and surrounding area. We also provide financial administration support for a development project in Norther Ghana called the King's Village Project (please see


    Hundreds of individuals from across Nottingham- including drug and alcohol addicts, those in debt, single parents, the homeless and vulnerably housed,and young people facing the threat of homelessness. Tens of thousands of individuals from northern Ghana benefit from the King's Village Project- including children, adults, women and the elderly.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Because we have over 250 volunteers which means we have the man power and the dedication to make a lasting difference. We believe in journeying with clients for as long as it takes, not in viewing them as targets and so we are uniquely positioned to make a significant, long term impact in peoples lives through the help and support of caring individuals.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    250 Volunteers

    The dedicated service of over 250 volunteers giving thousands of hours a year is what makes the difference. We can personally journey with our clients

Aspire Mentoring

Aspire Mentoring


Buys a toiletry pack for a homeless young person

“All I’ve known is drugs..…it wasn’t until I met special people in my life that I realised people actually do care whether I live or die.”

An Aspire Mentoring Client