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Empowering women through literacy and life skills

A functional adult literacy programme is launched to women's groups in each community. This brings development to every household and empowerment to the women and their families, and benefit to the whole community.

January 2016 - December 2016

Charity information: AFRINSPIRE

  • Need


    The problem of abject poverty and the inertia of those trapped in poverty, particularly in remote rural and neglected areas of Africa

    Adult literacy levels within the communities of the abject poor are between 60% to 90%, and lack of knowledge are barriers to self-development.


    By the formation of women's groups who come together around the aim of functional adult literacy. This provides not only literacy but also homestead development knowledge and practical development in every homestead. Group savings and income-generating projects empower the women in self-help groups to raise themselves beyond mere survival and gives capacity for self-improvement. Groups are mobilised and supported, and become engines for change.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To support extremely poor people in rural Uganda to break out of poverty


    » An awareness campaign towards women to introduce the concept of functional adult literacy. Training of leaders and formation of women's groups.
    » A programme of learning which mobilises women and their families for self-improvement.

    Success will be measured by the number of people actively participating in each area.
    e.g. towards a maximum of 20 groups of 20 persons in one area.

    Aim 2

    Bring rural poor people into a position of having food security


    » Training in improved agricultural practices
    » Provide strategically important agricultural inputs such as new seed varieties, plants (e.g pineapple suckers), oxen

    Success will be to see each member of every group to have a 12 month food supply and to get into a surplus situation

    Aim 3

    To economically empower the poor


    » Training in simple saving, record keeping, financial skills.
    » Support the emergence of income generating activities

    To see savings and loans schemes set up in every group, and to see the emergence of many income generating activities among the groups and members

  • Impact


    Change in every homestead and for every person within the groups circle.
    Improved health and hygiene practices around washing, sanitation, food preparation and sleeping arrangements in the homestead.
    Improved homestead gardens and small animal husbandry. Economic independence.

    Verification is by external visits from Ugandan national leadership and UK Afrinspire trustees to audit and assess impact.


    Risks can be major, such as drought, civil unrest, natural disasters or acts of sabotage. The abject poor are very vulnerable to adverse circumstances.

    1. We work with the approval of the local and national political authorities.
    2. We work at a community level supported by community leaders.
    3. The programme is very locally driven and even when upset for a time can be re-established.
    4. The groups provide some buffer for individuals against adverse circumstances.


    Regular reports in our Afrinspire Newsletter and on our website
    1. Photographic evidence
    2. Statistics re. number of groups in existence, membership numbers, and stage reached with following the material.
    3. Number of certificates gained for completion of adult literacy course.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £20,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £2,000 Literacy Materials Core materials to distribute to trainers and
      £2,000 National Co-ordinator To mobilise the whole programme and visit groups
      £2,000 Regional Facilitators Each to oversee 20 Functional literacy groups
      £5,000 Agricultural inputs Tree planting and environmental improvement is included in the training modules
      £1,000 Intro Financial Training Simple book-keeping, cash management, personal finance
      £5,000 Health and Sanitation Water supply and health improvements
      £1,000 Projects Income generating projects initiated by the groups
      £2,000 Other projects Development initiatives identifeid by the groups
  • Background


    Located in Uganda, in Masindi, Kiryandongo, Buwenge, Kamuli, Manafwa, Oyam and Gulu Districts, which are in north west, central and eastern Uganda.


    The abject poor in rural areas. These are subsistence peasant farmers who exist on less than $1 per day income.

    Masindi District is heavily populated by refugees who have been allowed to settle.

    In Gulu during 2015, we have started several groups among women who were held in captivity by the Lord's Resistance Army to enable them to gain literacy skills as well as reintegrate back into society

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We concentrate on supporting indigenous African initiatives in development. We work through our African partners who deliver the porgamme. We are recognised for our achievements by Ugandans at every level from community to top government. We have the support of local people.
    We have an eight year track record of implementing Functional Adult Literacy programmes through our partner, Rose Ekitwi, with proven success. We have tested the method and can roll it out further subject to funding.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rose Ekitwi

    Rose is the motivational leader and national co-ordinator for the FAL programme. Rose has been a womens leader in Uganda for 25 years.

    Lawrence Mawuka

    Lawrence is an experienced FAL trainer and motivational leader.

    Paul Kyalimpa

    The agricultural expert and trainer. The author of a book/training manual on sustainable agriculture. A model farmer.