Project information

The Learn to Lead project

The Learn to Lead project is an award based project aimed at young people aged 12-14.

BRONZE - 1 day
a 'Mission' based challenge compromising a series of
exciting outdoor tasks.
Outcomes - Develop confidence and teamwork skills

SILVER - 2 days , 1 night
A camping - based programme involving challenging
activities such as oreinteering, raft- building and trekking

Outcomes - Develop communication problem solving
decision making and teamwork skills. Learn
to cope with new surroundings to manage
risk and be more self-reliant.

GOLD - 5 days , 4 nights
A trekking or kayaking expedition - Young people take
full responsibility for the planning of their expedition
and organise fundraising activities to meet some of the cost

Outcomes - Reinforce skills that have been previously
learnt. Focus on enterprise, leadership and
self-belief. Learn about money management.

Charity information: The Challenger Trust

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