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Strength & Conditioning Exercises for the Elderly

Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among people over 75 in the UK. They can often be catastrophic for an older person’s physical and mental health and can leave long lasting scars.

Falls amongst the elderly have additional repercussions for all sectors of society and in particular the NHS. The cost of falls to health and social care services and to patients themselves is enormous. It is estimated that the overall direct healthcare cost to the NHS is £15 million every year.

An increase in the elderly population has further consequences for the future as a growing elderly population who are more susceptible to falls and injury will place unprecedented pressures on the NHS and those involved in the direct care of the elderly.

Falls can be avoided through preventative measures which take into account the risk factors involved. These include balance, impairment, muscle weakness, polypharmacy and environmental hazards. There have been numerous interventions in the prevention of falls, however few trials have been carried out in the UK.

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