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Project information

Providing Permanent Water Supplies

Access to water for animals, and for safe, clean water for humans is a permanent problem. The Lower Shire River area is in the Great Rift Valley around 200 feet above sea level and the whole area is crossed with tributaries of this mighty river but they are dry most of the year.

If we can create permanent water supplies for animals, improve water supplies for people and build better access into the reserve, we can:

* give water to the animals of Mwabvi all year round;

* prevent diseases from unclean water;

* reduce the distances local communities have to travel to collect water;

* most importantly we are able to give the gift of life, water, to birds, plants, animlas, insects and humans.

* Our daily patrols do not have to cover large distances to get water in the summer with temperatures of between 35- 44 degrees celcius.

Charity information: Project African Wilderness (PAW)

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