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Project information

Tackling the Triple Crunch

This is a proposal for urgent funding to use the current crisis in the global financial system to make concrete, mainstream proposals for a new economic order that puts people and planet first – to get them seriously considered by policy-makers and opinion-formers in the UK, and to start making the shift to sustainable economics.

nef (new economics foundation) has an unparalleled track record in communicating complicated new ideas to a wide audience – across the political divide. The window of opportunity for radical change is not going to be open for long. We are asking for the resources to translate this into major change, including:
• Extra capacity in communications, policy and advocacy to use the financial crisis to build support for a new economics.
• A series of reports, pamphlets and other tools to meet the expectations and demands on nef to articulate a new way forward.
• An international conference or festival bringing together the key people around the world who are actually putting a new economics into action.
The key objective is to shift understanding of new economics from being an alternative approach, outside the mainstream, to one that provides a vision of a future that is already emerging, and to which governments have to respond.

Charity information: nef (the new economics foundation)

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