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Owning the Future: Using Scenario Analysis in Pastoral Development

SOS Sahel UK would like to understand what pastoralists think about the future and help them communicate their ideas more effectively to those in power. Pastoralists are livestock-keepers who manage their animals over open rangeland, often in the most marginal, drought-prone and neglected parts of the world. We believe that pastoralists have the same right to self-determination as any other group in society, but that decades of discrimination have denied them the chance to exercise that right. Our first conversations with pastoralist elders from the dedha association in Isiolo, Kenya, have generated concrete plans which those elders believe will reduce the long-term threats they face. Two of their immediate priorities are to protect their rights over land and to represent their people’s interests more effectively.

Our aim in this project is not just to support specific pastoral groups such as those in Isiolo, but to develop a simple approach which other NGOs can use elsewhere and thus scale up the potential benefits. We are not interested in abstract debate; we are interested in helping pastoralists bring about the kind of future they want rather than settle for the future others decide for them. Our role is to enable them to engage more effectively with a modern, fast-changing world.

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