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Relational Support Work

It's becoming increasingly clear that young people are struggling with both mental health and well-being. east to west provide space for young people to be heard and to work through the issues and challenges they are facing on a daily basis.

January 2019 - January 2020

Charity information: east to west

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  • Need


    east to west were originally a schools charity providing holidays, assemblies and after schools clubs. It was during one of these holidays, that one young person started a conversation about what was going on in their life. When the holiday ended, the young person was left holding the conversation with no-one to finish it with. east to west's response was Relational Support Work - a place in schools for children and young people to take their troubles, challenges and difficulties.


    east to west provide space for hundreds of children, young people and families to talk about the issues and challenges they're facing - it does this across the school age ranges - from Reception (4yo) to Upper Sixth (18).
    It is in this space, that those we support and work with have the freedom to talk, share and unburden themselves of what is going on. east to west help them to understand and develop strategies and techniques to help them face and overcome these challenges and face the future

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Bring Hope to Young Lives


    » 1:1 Sessions - some children and young people need a focused support. This is a more intensive approach to our work.
    » Group work sessions - some have shared issues e.g. Anger Management. Groups allow us to work collaboratively to support similar challenges.

    What success will look like

    We collate statistical data regarding the work we do. This includes recording outcomes and impact which is measured against specific person focused targets

    Aim 2

    Help the marginalised and vulnerable in society


    » Listening to what the needs a child, young person or family have and responding appropriately
    » Advocate on their behalf to schools, outside agencies and family members

    What success will look like

    Our work is open to all, regardless of creed, colour, gender or any other perceived barrier. Who we work with is recorded through our stats capture process.

    Aim 3

    Developing Resilience


    » Building positive relationships means that trust is fostered and developed. It's from these positive relationships we see massive changes and growth.

    What success will look like

    This is anecdotal evidence, largely collected from the child, young person or family. We also collect data from the schools, peers and wider community.

  • Impact


    We work with a child, young person or family for as long as they need. This means that they could be supported for a couple of sessions of a few years. During this time we keep detailed notes and regularly record and reflect on the work done. We collate outcomes and feed these back to both the school and young person. When we put this all together we are able to see the 'journey' that they've been on and the changes and improvements they've been able to make and maintain.


    Our biggest risk is finance. Schools are finding increasing pressures are impacting their budgets and therefore have to decide which provision and services to cut.
    east to west helps to mitigate these risks in three ways. Firstly, we partner with schools meaning we accept some of the financial responsibility of the roles. This helps reduce the pressure on the school. Secondly, we maintain strong relationships. Thirdly, our impact shows our value - schools recognise the importance of our work.


    We report through newsletters, social media and through infographics. Each donor will be allocated a school which their money will support. This means they are directly supporting a group of children, young people or families and having a significant impact in improving their lives.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £373,721

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      Amount Heading Description
      £181,822 Salaries 11x Front line salary costs
      £125,857 Admin Staff 4x Backroom Admin Costs
      £4,500 Training and Development Improving our teams skills and knowledge.
      £7,000 Publicity Marketing and Fundraising events
      £9,988 IT Phones, IT, Computers
      £40,304 Office Costs Professional Fees, Rent, etc
      £4,250 Sundries Refreshments and Travel Costs

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Surrey Reducing Exclusion Fund £88,800 Guaranteed
    Schools £120,439 Guaranteed
  • Background


    east to west work across north Surrey, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and south Bucks. The areas we work in are a mix of London commuter belt, social housing and privately owned residence. North Surrey and RBWM are perceived to be highly affluent, however many of our schools are in areas of high unemployment, low skills or low qualifications, meaning increased numbers of families receiving benefits or other additional support e.g. housing, foodbanks and child care vouchers.


    Our project benefits any student within the schools we partner with. This includes all races, creeds, genders, sexualities and religious groups. Our aim is to bring hope to young lives... the challenges that children, young people and families face don't target specific groups or areas, they impact all, and our work is aimed to work with those who need it.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We have a long standing reputation and history of making real, lasting impacts within the schools we work. The work we do is recognised by, and highly valued by health care providers, local authority bodies and borough councils.
    We're ideally placed because we have existing relationships with both schools and students within them.
    Our biggest endorsement, is when students say to their friends, 'you should go and see east to west...'

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    Dawn Keogh

    Dawn is an experienced RSW who's worked with nearly 500 young people during her time with east to west. She is highly regarded by them and her school.

    Tim Smith

    Tim is the executive head of one of our partner schools - he's worked with east to west for many years and recognises we 'make his school better'.

    Ian Smith

    Ian is the head of operations and helps ensure we are able to deliver what we need to in all our school projects.