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Project information

Increasing hospice care in Albania

To create a national network of hospice care in Albania.

We will be working with established hospice organisation, Ryder Albania, to create a sustainable national network of hospices. The first step will be to open a private out-patient clinic in Tirana providing free services to patients.

The overall project to create a sustainable network of hospice care in the country is based on a three year project. The smaller out-patient clinic will be implemented as soon as funds are in place and funding is sustainable.

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  • Need


    At present only 6% of people in Albania with terminal illness have access to hospice care. That means that more than 90% have no pain relief or other appropriate end of life care.

    The state is struggling to come up with a solution to the country's healthcare needs. Poverty is a huge issue with 32.8% of the population under the poverty network

    The clinic will provide palliative care, a lymphedema clinic, primary health care services and services for the elderly. All services will be free.


    The clinic itself will be set up in the capital and will be supervised by the medical team from Ryder Albania.

    Clearly one clinic will not solve such a deep rooted problem but it will act as a model for others to follow. This is an approach we have taken in Romania where our hospices are regarded as beacons and examples of best practice.

    The services offered in the clinic have been identified as those most needed in the capital.

    The clinic will form part of the national hospice network.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To establish a sustainable national network of hospices providing free services in Albania.


    » We will work with established hospice organisation, Ryder Albania, to create this network. We have established the model for this in Moldova.

    What success will look like

    Increasing the national coverage for sustainable free hospice care (currently geographically at about one third) and access to such care increasing from just 6%.

    Aim 2

    To set up a clinic in Tirana providing free of charge services identified as being of greatest need.


    » We are seeking to raise funds through the Christmas Challenge to raise funds for this. We need to cover salaries, rent and the cost of medicines.

    What success will look like

    To open the clinic, ensure that it is sustainable and to use it as a model for other clinics in the country. We would also regard success as the increase of available medicines.

  • Impact


    The larger project to introduce a national network will
    increase access to free palliatve care
    introduce paediatric hospice care- currently not available
    introduce care for patients with other illnesses not simply cancer
    lead to more medicines being available
    change the approach to teminal illness - for example by keeping the patient fully informed
    provide a sustainable model for the state to adopt

    The clinic will meet an immediate identified need for services and will act as a pilot model


    Working abroad carries risks. However we will be working with Ryder Albania which has been operating to a very high standard since 1993 and has strong governance credentials. It has already established links with other NGOs in the country which provides a springboard for the national network. RA has also already taken on a lobbying role.
    Once the clinic and network are established they need to be sustainable either through state support or funding. We will be assisting with fundraising


    We report through our newsletters, annual reports and updates on our website. If a donor requires a report or update we provide these on an individual basis.
    Once the project is established we will offer Insight Trips giving supporters the chance to see the impact our work is having.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £43,307

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      Amount Heading Description
      £8,065 nurse salary for a year
      £8,065 physiotherapisterapist salary for a year
      £6,177 nurse aid salary for a year
      £3,000 rent premises for a year
      £15,000 medical equipment lymphoma already received see below
      £3,000 medical supplies drugs bandages materials for workshops

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Hospice in the Weld £15,000 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The greater part of the project (creating a national network of hospices in Albania) will be across Albania. We will be working with Ryder Albania which has a proven track record in the country to create this. RA is based in Tirana and Durres. There are other small hospice organisations in the country. RA has set up a national palliative care group and we intend to work with this group to extend the network.
    The smaller (Christmas Appeal) project is the first free out-patient clinic in Tirana


    The smaller clinic project will benefit patients identified as needing one of the services offered in the clinic - palliative care, lymphedema care, primary care and care for the elderly.

    The clinic will act as a model highlighting best practice. We have done this with our hospice services in Romania which are recognised as beacons of hospice care.

    The initiative will make a huge impact in terms of services delivered and will have an essential role in the national project.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We introduced hospice care into Romania and our hospices there are internationally recognised for both quality of care and for training medical staff.

    In 2016 we launched a three year project in Moldova to create a sustainable hospice network in that country. We have already secured funding for that project, provided transport,equipment, training to three hospice teams over there and are now working with two more.
    Our team in Moldova is well placed to work in Albania as well.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Alex Padureanu

    Alex is Executive Director of Hospices of Hope in the UK. He is leading the project and has worked closely with our country partner on this.

    Raluca Muntean

    Raluca is the country manager of Hospices of Hope Moldova. Having set up a national hospice network in Moldova she will be advising in Albania.

    Dr Ali Xhixha

    Dr Ali is a Director of Ryder Albania. He will be leading the medical team overseeing the out-patient clinic.