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Project information

Bringing it Home: Supporting Detached Youth in UK

Responding to the growing challenges for the most excluded young people in our country and the decimation of youth services that are available to them, StreetInvest is bringing back home our global youth service expertise to support the most vulnerable and marginalised children in the UK.

January 2019 - December 2019

Charity information: StreetInvest

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  • Need


    Increasing homelessness, growing school exclusions and a dramatic increase in youth violence all clearly indicate the need for additional support for vulnerable young people in this country.

    However, service provision is inadequate and declining. In the five years to 2017:
    • 40% of UK boroughs had no detached youth work and 30% of those that did have stopped
    • London services have lost 457 youth worker posts and closed 36 youth centres and projects

    This project responds to this crisis.


    We will support a network of organisations in the UK working with young people who are vulnerable or marginalised through: research, training product development, training of trainers, youth engagement, network development and pilot projects - with the monitoring to understand its impact.

    The network will form part of StreetInvest’s existing response to the world’s most excluded children, enabling UK young people to develop positively, and minimising the stigma and discrimination towards them.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Produce definitive and independent evidence of the needs of, and services for, detached youth in UK


    » We will commission a primary and secondary research paper on the needs of young people and declining youth services
    » We have already published independent research with Pro Bono Economics, which looks at local authority provision for detached youth in the UK

    What success will look like

    Delivery of the Holloway and Pro Bono reports, providing objective evidence of the need of young people, the declining provision of services and the impact of youth work.

    Aim 2

    Create detached youth support training products for the UK context


    » StreetInvest will produce Detached Youth Work training modules for the UK context based on our existing international training products
    » The new training modules will be piloted with youth work organisations who have already expressed an interest in collaboration

    What success will look like

    Unique detached youth work training materials for non-formal education of partners developed using our extensive international learnings, applied to a UK context.

    Aim 3

    Create the delivery capacity to support the network of detached youth work organisations


    » Working with partner organisations, we will identify and train a pool of individuals to deliver our training products and provide support.

    What success will look like

    More young people will have access to a trustworthy detached youth worker. We will help organisations monitor their delivery with our specialist M&E tools.

    Aim 4

    Create a young people’s forum to inform, guide and evaluate our work and that of our partners


    » We will identify and train participating young people to undertake peer-to-peer research, information analysis and advocacy on their own behalf
    » We will create on-line and physical forums for young people for sharing and advocacy purposes

    What success will look like

    The creation of a safe forum for young people linked to our partners and projects which in the long term, becomes accessible for the voices of all children.

    Aim 5

    Deliver proof of concept through pilot project(s)


    » StreetInvest will pilot one or more projects with a current youth group partner
    » We will evaluate the impact of StreetInvest's support in the personal and social development of the young people and the partners involved

    What success will look like

    Organisations’ have more skilled detached youth workers. Young people participating in the pilot are safer, have a stronger sense of belonging and greater access to services.

  • Impact


    More young people will have access to a trustworthy detached youth worker. These relationships provide a base for positive growth and development. We will equip organisations to report on this using our specialist M&E tools.

    The youth forum and research will inform stakeholders, including policy makers, which will lead to more effective policy and practice. Partner programmes will also tackle negative attitudes in the community, which will decrease the stigma and discrimination towards them.


    Risk: that we will not secure funding, which will lead to the UK Programme stalling or closing.
    Mitigation: Funding applications have been made from July 2018.

    Risk: If a Senior Youth Worker is unable to work with SI, SI will not have a complete training offer.
    Mitigation: StreetInvest to employ Senior Youth Worker pending funding apps

    Risk: UK Programme Manager continuity
    Mitigation: SYW or StreetInvest Partnership Development Manager to take responsibility for UK Programme


    We collect qualitative and quantitative programme data on a quarterly basis. We provide bi-annual and annual reports to donors as appropriate. We also provide continuous updates through our e-newsletters and social media. We are increasing the use of alternative media such as blogs and film.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £34,452

    Loading graph....
      Amount Heading Description
      £3,746 Research Holloway, Pro Bono & Pilot Project Research
      £6,586 Training Product Dev't Creating Training Products for UK
      £2,586 Training of Trainers Creating delivery capacity
      £2,956 Youth Forum Facilitating young people's voices
      £6,631 Network Development UK network of service providers
      £7,111 Pilot projects Proof of concept
      £4,836 M&E Evaluation of services and impact

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Internal Funds £5,000 Guaranteed
    Foundation £10,000 Conditional
  • Background


    StreetInvest works wherever there are detached young people, from the perceived poorest areas, to the richest - even in our home borough of Richmond, there are 4,290 children living in poverty.

    This project will start in England and Northern Ireland, branching out to the whole UK, where there is: Increasing homelessness among children, increasing exclusions from schools, cuts to youth services, a dramatic increase in young violence, and young people exposed to sexual abuse and stigma.


    The primary beneficiaries of our UK Programme will be detached young people in the UK.

    Groups at risk of becoming detached young people include:
    • Runaways
    • Homeless
    • Truants
    • Gangs
    • Social care
    • Refugees
    • Sufferers of mental health conditions

    In addition, staff and volunteers within the organisations we support will benefit from professional development through our training, mentoring and their participation in the programme.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    StreetInvest’s network supporting detached young people was based on UK youth work principles more than a decade ago. Since that time, StreetInvest has advised the United Nations on upholding street-connected children’s rights, trained more than 1000 NGO workers, challenged 4,500 police and government officials and supported 50 organisations on four continents working among some 350,000 marginalised and excluded young people.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Kate Bretherton

    Chief Executive of StreetInvest. Brings global expertise of street work (detached youth work), and experience advocating on behalf of young people.

    Alan Carter

    Partnership Development Manager. Experience of working for the UN World Food Programme and StreetInvest.

    Maria Scullion

    Head Trainer, experience developing and delivering StreetInvest’s international street work training, based on teachings from UK Detached Youth Work.