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Project information

The Brokerage Skills Academy

A free service for state educated young Londoners wanting to pursue a career in business. We’ll assess their confidence in five key employability areas, pinpointing the skills in need of development and providing targeted workshops and support to help them reach their full career potential.

January 2019 - December 2019

Charity information: The Brokerage Citylink

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  • Need


    Even when achieving excellent grades, students from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to showcase their skills and get into professional careers.

    81% of senior people in financial services think that the way candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds present themselves at interview prevents them from getting a job in the sector. 62% said that fears that students wouldn’t fit with workplace culture was also a barrier.
    Targeted support is needed to level the playing field for these young people.


    Our free service will give students the best possible chance of crossing the line into a paid internship or job.

    We will work with students to assess five key employability areas: Self-awareness, Teamwork, Attitude, Communication and Knowledge (STACK).

    Using STACK we’ll help each student identify their strengths and weaknesses, providing them with activities and support including workshops, training and masterclasses with industry experts, designed to boost the skills they need to improve.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Provide a programme of tailored employability support to 200 young people from London state schools


    » Providing a one-to-one service, working with individual students to assess their confidence in each of the five STACK areas.
    » Providing 20 half-day workshops, (two per student, 20 students a session), each focused on developing a minimum of two of the STACK skills.
    » Providing opportunities for 200 young people to enter a financial services business, meeting with employees to build their professional network.
    » Providing up-to-the minute information and resources via our website, with links to relevant employment opportunities such as events and conferences.

    What success will look like

    Success will be engaging 200 students in a skills assessment with over 90% seeing an improvement in their STACK employability skills after two workshops.

  • Impact


    The project will enable young people to present themselves to employers confidently and effectively, raising their chances of securing paid employment.
    We’ll measure success by monitoring:
    - The number of students engaging in a skills assessment and two workshops
    - Students’ STACK skills before and after the programme, we hope to see 90% of students showing development in 3 or more areas
    - The students 6 months later to see how many students have gone on to secure work experience or paid work.


    The main risk to the project is failure to attract enough young people. We will mitigate against this risk by advertising through a targeted social media campaign as well as encouraging referrals from our network of over 200 schools.
    We’ll also link the Skills Academy to our FastTrack programme which currently engages over 700 disadvantaged students, who are keen to work in business but would like to explore alternative routes to university.


    Donors will be sent quarterly email updates with links to case studies and impact statistics. We will invite donors to attend a workshop so they can see their donation in action and meet the beneficiaries. All donors (unless anonymous) will also be sent a copy of our impact report in January 2020.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,954

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,504 STACK skills assessment A personalised session for each student assessing their confidence in each of the STACK areas
      £6,937 Workshop delivery Delivery of 20 half day workshops
      £880 Liaison with students Coordinating students for workshops
      £2,186 Liaison with businesses Liaising with businesses and volunteers for workshops
      £1,806 Project management Designing, coordinating and monitoring
      £916 Marketing and social media Advertising the service
      £1,450 Evaluation and tracking Impact measurement and 6 month tracking of participants
      £275 Print/Admin Resources for students
  • Background


    Our project will engage with young people in all London boroughs, with skills assessments taking place at The Brokerage’s office and workshops at prestigious businesses in London’s financial districts.
    Ten of the top 20 local authorities with the highest rates of child poverty are within London. We will be targeting schools in these areas when advertising this service to ensure those in the greatest need can take part.


    We will help students aged 16-21 who attended London state schools and want to explore careers in finance. Young people in London face many barriers, but their parent’s job and social class remains a key determinant of a young person’s success. We meet many young Londoners who haven’t been into a corporate office, and assume it’s ‘not for people like me’. By hosting sessions in a business, we can showcase the incredible opportunities and help students feel more comfortable in the working world.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    The Brokerage has been delivering and evaluating employability programmes for the past 20 years, and has placed over 2,000 young people into paid internships and jobs in that time.
    All our programmes are designed in consultation with students, teachers and corporate partners, ensuring that we are providing a sought after service which has been proven to help young people step into a career in financial services. Over 60% of our placed candidates still working in the sectors five years on.

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    Kieron Lock

    Kieron is the programme manager responsible for school leaver & apprenticeship programmes. He has engaged 1,000’s of students in career development.