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Project information

Combat Isolation and loneliness and improve lives

To combat isolation/loneliness in Salford City - much poverty/ badly hit by austerity esp. elderly; to develop income maximisation; encourage healthy lives and build confidence though combination of reading, hobbies, skills, crafts, inc. woodcarving, exercise, gardening inc. allotments, self-help.

December 2018 - August 2019

Charity information: Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre Ltd (SUCRC)

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  • Need


    In this City there is much poverty/deprivation and social isolation/loneliness esp. for the elderly, with general unhappiness, leading to deterioration of people's health, wellbeing, dignity and personal confidence.
    This can also lead to mental health problems, stress/depression; unnecessary cost to public medical and other services.
    People are not obtaining their full financial rights (State benefits) and are not reaching their optimum human potential because of the factors earlier stated.


    To supplement role of keeping participants alive which the Centre does in its core work, to increase the quality of participants' lives by maximisation of their income (state benefits), completing DLA/PIP etc. tackle social isolation by encouraging them to be active and meeting, using combination as appropriate of group meeting, reading, heath and wellbeing inc. exercise methods, hobbies and crafts inc. woodcarving, use of allotments, self-help and confidence building methods, as appropriate.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Income maximisation - to enhance and develop Centre's existing benefit/welfare work as stated below


    » Developing existing work - giving advice to all inc. most vulnerable; travelling to PIP assessments, investigating older vulnerable residents needs.
    » Encourage participants to be aware of their rights and potential in issues financial and more, taking a holistic approach with joined-up methodology

    What success will look like

    The Centre's Casetrack Digital Monitoring Service will record every person involved and the outcomes. It will be shown how income is maximised by more ESA/DLA support.

    Aim 2

    Healthy Living
    People are the heart of this; help them live a more fulfilling/longer/active life.


    » Digital Health Club for all, inc. older persons, learning health/exercise ideas, and where to access resources as well as developing digital skills.
    » Groups and/or one to one sessions on health and exercise inc. physical movement, inc. walking trips, as appropriate.

    What success will look like

    We will record feedback inc. Questionnaires.

    The Home Cinema will record those attending and films watched. In some cases a discussion will take place, stimulating interaction.

    Aim 3

    Living a happier life - Reduce loneliness and social isolation; for people to feel good about life.


    » Woodcarving classes, or other crafts/arts - potential structure already in place. For people to learn new/share existing skills, have fun.
    » Home Cinema sessions - support potential we have in place for Participants to enjoy watching a film together at cost £1 as a group or individually
    » Have a brew and a break sessions simple get together to have a brew, try healthy snack, play simple board games, reading in companionable group.
    » Allotments use - Arrangement with Allotments Society (to be developed) for clients to use facilities. Benefit of growing own food can be uplifting.

    What success will look like

    The woodcarving tutor will record all participants; at end of each session will record their progress.

    We will record feedback/views of participants on the various activities.

  • Impact


    Participants' lives will be enhanced by living healthier, more confident, active, happier, and indeed longer lives, with better diet and nutrition (healthy eating), with the joy of growing their own food in allotments; and increasing more social interaction.

    Money will be saved to the pubic purse e.g. less cost to NHS/Public Health system.

    We will show by case studies/feedback how participants' lives have so been enhanced, inc. how they are living fuller lives with more Community involvement.


    Not getting full funding is obvious risk.
    The Partnership of Centre with other groups is so strong we don't anticipate that there should be failure.


    We will establish a Steering Committee which will take reports from all activities within the Project. We will give regular reports to the donors, however we will produce a constant stream of press releases and information so we can reach every corner of the Salford Communities inc social media.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £15,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £500 leaflets, posters etc leaflets, posters and translation 5000 A4 leaflets x2 plus A3 posters
      £162 advocates training sessions 12 advocates x3 training sessions 12x3 x£4.50
      £153 tutor costs 3 sessions x £17hrx 3 hrs
      £5,000 Administration and organisatio @£10 per hr x 10 hrs x 50 weeks
      £6,480 Volunteer and advocates exs 12 advocates travel costs 12 x £54
      £1,935 Wood carving/arts tutors @ £15 per 3hr sessio x 43 sessions
      £770 Room hire etc inc heating
  • Background


    Salford City.
    This City has a history of industrial heritage including being at the origins of so many things; canals, mills, cotton industry, yet austerity and decline in industry has meant that the most disadvantaged, vulnerable people could have both industrial injuries, and are not getting the money they need to live off; their lives are not as fulfilled as could and should be.
    Whilst certainly richer persons have gained, local Poverty has meant that our poorest citizens need more support.


    Any participant based in Salford.
    The most needy as stated in paragraph above, in particular the old, disabled, vulnerable as outlined above.

    Public purse will benefit by there being less cost to NHS/Care/Social Funds, by preventive methods.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    So many years of supporting Salford and local people, having a 'can do' culture, making things happen.
    Described as 'the fourth emergency service in Salford', and advises, represents, protects all sections of the most vulnerable of Salford on their legal rights, disability issues, unemployed, ex-offenders, debt issues, homelessness, housing and employment law.
    There is need to reach out by this project to the older citizens who are lonely and socially isolated to ensure they do not miss out.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Centre Workers

    Centre workers include welfare, employment law, debt,housing experts; can call on people with teaching, art/craft and other people experience/skills.

    Salford Pensioners Group

    Partner. Group of retired and nearly retired members, provides support/uplifting activities, campaigning for better pensions, rights, discounts.

    Salford Disability Forum

    Partner/Volunteer- will offer Participants increased support. Mentor/Advisor for those with physical/mental disabilities.

    Salford Allotments Federation

    Partner. Growing own vegetables and fruit in the fresh air, to eat, with consequent health, exercise and personal benefits, and social interaction.