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Project information

Improving the girls' toilets at Komoto School

WOW! Thanks to an overwhelming response from our amazing supporters we’ve already reached our Stage 1 target and used up our match funding.
But PLEASE keep donating - if we can raise another £2,000 we can finish Stage 2 of the project by renovating every single cubicle in the block.
Thank you!

January 2019 - February 2019

Charity information: Livingstone Tanzania Trust

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  • Need


    290 girls at Komoto Secondary School are going to the toilet in shocking conditions. There’s no water in the toilets so the girls have to walk to the tap to collect it. There’s no privacy – everyone in the surrounding classrooms can see which toilet you are going into and everyone knows which one is the “period” toilet (it’s the one with a big bucket for sanitary products). And there’s nowhere to wash your hands. Girls risk embarrassment and ill health, which affects attendance.


    Komoto School have asked us to partner with them to improve the toilets. The community has already done their part by repairing the damaged sewage chambers. Using local builders, we’ll construct a new privacy wall, so the cubicle doors are shielded from outside view. We’ll add a new cubicle specifically for menstrual hygiene management with an incinerator for hygienic disposal. We’ll also ensure access to water within the toilets, provide handwashing facilities and basic cleaning equipment.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Access to improved menstrual hygiene facilities at Komoto Secondary School


    » construction of a large new cubicle for menstrual hygiene management (MHM) for washing and changing, including a sink with a tap
    » construction of an incinerator for hygienic disposal of sanitary products, which is accessible from inside the MHM cubicle
    » construction of an L-shaped privacy wall and walkway, which shields all the cubicle doors from view on all sides
    » tiling the floor and skirting in the MHM cubicle and the walkway area behind the privacy wall

    What success will look like

    Every day, 290 girls at the school will have access to private toilets with menstrual hygiene facilities specifically designed to meet their needs.

    Aim 2

    Access to improved WASH facilities for girls at Komoto Secondary School


    » bringing the school's water supply inside the toilet block by extending the existing pipework
    » installing a main tap within the toilet with 2 x 60 litre storage buckets and providing smaller flushing buckets for each cubicle
    » construction of a large trough sink, with 3 taps for handwashing, situated in the walkway area
    » providing basic cleaning equipment to assist the students with their cleaning rota duties.

    What success will look like

    Every day, 290 girls at the school will have access to more hygienic toilets, with water available for flushing and hand-washing.

  • Impact


    Our project will demonstrate to girls at Komoto that their health and dignity matter, increasing their confidence and self-belief. The new facilities, when combined with basic hygiene training, should also reduce girls’ absenteeism due to menstruation or illness, meaning more time spent studying. The project will also act as a catalyst and build momentum for further infrastructure improvements.


    The main risk we have identified is the risk to construction during the rainy season. To mitigate this risk, we are planning on completing the building works before the normal start of the long rains in March.


    We’ll keep our donors updated in the ways that they choose – celebrating milestones via social media, email newsletters and hard copy reports as appropriate. We pride ourselves in being honest with our donors about the challenges, and what we learn from them, as well as the successes.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £4,000

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,949 Materials Construction materials and equipment
      £836 Labour Local builder’s labour
      £91 Transport Transport of materials
      £207 Contingency For unforeseen costs/price changes
      £247 Water Changes to piping, taps, buckets
      £57 Cleaning equipment Mops and buckets, toilet brushes, disinfectant.
      £613 Project Management Local delivery partner and project management costs
  • Background


    The Komoto School is a government secondary school located on the outskirts of Babati Town. There are now 570 pupils, but the classrooms and facilities have remained unchanged since the school opened with 150 pupils eight years ago, because neither the government nor the surrounding community can afford to fund any significant improvements. Poverty levels in the community are worsening due to poor weather, low crop prices and pests affecting agricultural activities.


    The 290 girls at Komoto are aged 14 – 18. 93% say they have missed school because of the condition of the toilets, especially during their period, and 100% agree that the toilets cause sickness. These girls already face so many challenges and risks: discrimination, gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy and early marriage. Access to decent toilets at school is an essential first step in ensuring these girls get the education they need to beat poverty.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    LTT has been working with communities in Manyara Region since 2007 to alleviate poverty through education and enterprise. We’ve supported 10 local schools with infrastructure and capacity building programmes including WASH. This includes providing 62 new toilets constructed to World Health Organization Standards, 6 incinerators for sanitary products, and training 2,800 students in basic hand hygiene.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Julian Page

    Julian is the founder and Director of LTT and will have operational oversight of the project both at UK board level and on the ground in Tanzania.

    Yohana Jastin

    Yohana is the Education Programmes Manager at MCDO, our local delivery partner. He will have day to day responsibility for project management.


Could buy floor tiles for the menstrual hygiene cubicle. £10 could buy a door for the incinerator.

Our girls are very good academically but sometimes girls fail because of poor toilet facilities. Sometimes a girl can come to the toilet, she will open the door and look inside and then decide not to use the toilet at all.

Teacher, Komoto School