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Project information

Strengthening Tribal Families in India

To address the root causes of why increasing numbers of scheduled tribe children are being abandoned. We will do this by improving livelihood opportunities & income for families, increasing parental engagement, whilst also addressing issues of malnutrition & low educational achievement

24 months

Charity information: Right Now Foundation

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  • Need


    Tribal children & their families are living in extreme poverty & inequality where they do not have enough to eat, have limited livelihood opportunities mainly connected to subsistence farming, & are unable to easily access basic services. Children are malnourished, don't go to the doctors when they need to, & experience poor quality education. Parents are unable to support all their children & are increasingly abandoning older children over 8 years so they can care for the younger ones


    We will strengthen families economically,in particular single parents,so that they don't have to decide which child to look after due to extreme poverty. We will increase livelihood opportunities & financial security through self help loans for enterprises & livestock. We will reduce malnutrition through nutritional support until parents can provide this.We will improve future opportunities for children through improvements to education, through catch up teachers & educational materials

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Increase sustainable livelihood options to increase family income, food and financial security


    » Support the development of female self help microfinance groups who using their social collateral will manage repayment, investment & mutual support
    » Through the self help groups provide microfinance to create or strengthen sustainable enterprises
    » Provide training to self help groups on group management, business development, financial planning, relevant technical training, & family planning

    What success will look like

    Enterprise establishment or development that deliver profitable income & are able to repay initial investment. Improved food & financial security from increased household budgets

    Aim 2

    Reduce malnutrition amongst children under 15


    » Provide food rations and grants to ensure children receive a daily hot meal with protein, fruit and vegetables
    » Provision of a regular doctor to assess rates of malnutrition and malnutrition related infections and diseases

    What success will look like

    We will track the progress of children's health through body measurements& occurrence of deficiency related disorders both clinical & measurement of micronutrients.

    Aim 3

    Improve educational attendance and achievement


    » Provide catch up teachers to support children with low attendance or who are not at school, improving attendance, engagement and achievement
    » Provide school uniform, books, bags, and learning materials so that children are able to go to school and have what they need to learn
    » Provide evening teachers to address poor quality teaching caused by teacher absences due to rural tribal schools
    » Raise awareness and parental engagement around the benefits of education, and especially of their girls continuing school

    What success will look like

    Increase in school attendance figures and improvements in children's literacy, numeracy and reading, as well as broader engagement in learning and school

    Aim 4

    Increase parental awareness of child rights and the support and services available to them


    » Hold workshops & support sessions with communities & families on support available to them, & increase awareness of child protection & child rights

    What success will look like

    Increased parental engagement & support to education; reduction in child labour or caring for siblings; parents proactively seek alternative support rather than abandon children

    Aim 5

    Raise profile of tribal communities and build strong relationships with local authorities


    » Engage with local authorities including Child Welfare Committees, police, & education highlighting need and current provision
    » Demonstrate impact of project and develop partnership opportunities with local authorities to address issues and maintain self help approach

    What success will look like

    Improvements to basic services provision & access for tribal communities,including health, education & work opportunities.Partnership working with local authorities within project

  • Impact


    Long term we will help deliver sustainable income &better food security for families;a reduction in child malnutrition;improved school achievement; an end to child abandonment &increased parent engagement.We will demonstrate this through increased regular income;diversified enterprises;&elimination of malnutrition &related infections.As well as improved literacy, numeracy & attendance.Parents will proactively seek help,prioritise children to go & stay at school& not be forced to abandon children


    Potential risks to project success include tribal communities initial wariness; non repayment of loans; improvements in malnutrition not maintained;& early marriage continuing poverty cycle. We will mitigate these risks by developing relationships with village elders& inviting previous beneficiaries to share experiences;utilising social connections in self help groups to increase trust &support &obligations to repay. Provide nutrition, hygiene, &child rights training;&support for girls education


    Quarterly reporting of progress against key indicators,with 6 month project budget reporting. Annual reporting on all indicators, progress, impact &budget.Ongoing beneficiary involvement enables regular donor communications from tribal communities &stakeholders through case studies &feedback

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £8,720

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      Amount Heading Description
      £1,760 Self help loans Loan fund
      £120 Self help group development Monthly Self help group advice, support and training
      £3,084 Nutrional support Support for communities to provide daily hot meal for children
      £720 Medical support Provision of regular visiting doctor
      £1,200 Teaching materials Provision of evening and catch up teachers and teaching materials
      £876 Education materials & uniforms Cost of uniforms and learning materials
      £120 Parental engagement & support Awareness workshops on support available, child rights & child protection
      £840 Field worker Field worker to support and monitor project, including travel costs
  • Background


    Our project is in Kunchesu tribal village,in Rayagada district, Odisha state. Odisha has almost 40% scheduled tribes & 47% of people live below the poverty line, the highest in India. Within Rayagada poverty levels are 70%. In Kunchesu tribal villagers experience deep & extreme poverty, having lived below the poverty line for generations. In Kunchesu children are malnourished & suffer poor health. Here children are at risk of abandonment due to pressure on family finances & ill health


    45 children identified as being especially vulnerable to abandonment due to extreme financial pressure & ill health in their families. Children aged 5 to 15 years, will receive nutritional & educational support. 16 women from vulnerable families have been identified to take part in the self help enterprise development. Collectively 96 tribal children & their families will benefit from long term sustainable improvements to their income, better nutrition, improved education & parent engagement.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Working with partner Brighter Future we have a detailed knowledge of tribal families & good relations with local authorities.We have proven experience,successfully delivering the project in other villages, where we demonstrated sustainable enterprises & increases to income; eradication of child malnutrition&child abandonment. Brighter Future are a microfinance hub,with extensive microfinance experience they support other NGOs, & are experienced in women's empowerment,child rights & tribal issues

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Brighter Future

    Our partner Brighter Future will deliver the project,setting up &supporting self help groups,providing training and overseeing entire project delivery