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Project information

Future Now

Helping all young people create the future now. Raising aspirations, employability and inspiring creative expression for those facing visible and invisible barriers to the arts. Empowering more young people to network, develop skills and create, we will unlock soft-skills for future employment.

January 2019 - March 2020

Charity information: Boundless Theatre

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  • Need


    The world is changing quickly and young people are under huge pressure to make choices that can ensure their future employability. The arts and their associated soft-skills are being devalued in schools and our creative sector, to be sustainable needs representative talent to survive. If we are not careful, a whole generation will become increasingly excluded from culture and will further struggle to gain the confidence to take opportunities and thrive.


    Promoting and diversifying creative careers to young people is the greatest chance we have at creating cultural experiences for all. Future Now will fund young people directly, fund their development of skills and demystify jobs within the the arts that are suited to young people of diverse backgrounds. We will create a vibrant network for young adults across the UK to exchange ideas, build confidence and promote vital soft-skills.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Connect young adults across UK and promote knowledge exchange and collaboration.


    » BOUNDLESS MATCH: Networking event in Margate, Manchester and London for young people to collaborate and connect with peers
    » SKILLS BURSARIES: For accessing training opportunities across the UK to develop new skills and promote career development

    What success will look like

    60 young people at Boundless Match networking events (50% not engaged in arts in last 12 months)

    6 Training Opportunities funded (50% BAMER and 5050 Gender young people

    Aim 2

    Demystify a wider range of jobs and opportunities available to young people in theatre industry


    » BOUNDLESS IDEAS: Digital Resources offering advice and access to role models.
    » BOUNDLESS MEET AND GREETS: Monthly surgeries with Boundless staff team offering one-to-one advice
    » BOUNDLESS TOWN HALLS: Three one off events with talks and workshops in Margate, Manchester and London

    What success will look like

    6000 digital audiences (views or equivalent)

    36 young people at Surgeries (50% not known to us)

    150 audience at Boundless Town Hall events

    Aim 3

    Boost employability in cultural sector for more diverse young people.


    » BOUNDLESS PROFESSIONAL ROLE: A paid professional position on a Boundless project or production.
    » CULTURE TRIPS: Access to cultural experiences to develop skills and boost employability and cultural education
    » BOUNDLESS TIME OUT: An R&D fund to work away from part-time employment and develop a project that promotes skills development/boosts employability

    What success will look like

    1 paid position at Boundless on project/production

    12 Culture trips (50% BAMER artist led/1 not in English)

    2 Time Out (5050 Gender and both identify as working class)

  • Impact


    We want more young people from diverse backgrounds in paid roles not currently seen as accessible or relevant.

    Longer term we want:
    increase in diverse artists from a range of background in leadership roles

    higher quality theatre offer in UK for teenagers and young adults

    more young people from diverse backgrounds attending the theatre regularly

    We will demonstrate this through tracking the individuals we engage with (min. 10 years) and available Arts Council data.


    Low turnout: mitigated by marketing / Boundless networks and high profile of guest speakers

    No Boundless Professional Job: mitigated by a large number of creative opportunities

    Relevant barriers not identified: mitigated by consulting Boundless Advisory Group and sector partners

    Changeover of Boundless Staff Team: mitigated by Boundless Board oversight

    Activity only reaches most engaged young people: mitigated by close partner working/working in more diverse areas/targeting specific groups


    Creation of final project evaluation with feedback from participants at start and end of project

    Quarterly update on activities shared through Boundless mailing list.

    Invites to Town Hall events

    Video and Audio documentation shared through Boundless social networks

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £13,400

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      Amount Heading Description
      £3,000 Events 6 Events: Margate, Manchester & London
      £700 Travel Bursaries Travel Bursaries to young people to attend Boundless Match
      £1,800 Professional Development Culture Trips, Skills Bursaries and Surgeries
      £1,200 Boundless Ideas 12 Pieces of Content
      £2,500 Paid Position 1 Professional Role on Boundless Project/Production
      £1,500 Time Out 2 R&D Opportunities
      £2,700 Admin Project Management and Promotion

    Current Funding / Pledges

    Source Amount
    Boundless Theatre ACE NPO £4,400 Guaranteed
  • Background


    The project will take place in Margate which has high levels of deprivation, 50% population under the age of 40 and low levels of education, skills and training (but a growing creative community). We will also work in Manchester where we have strong industry connections, (The Royal Exchange, HOME) and a city that celebrates diverse cultural activity. Finally, we will work in our area of South London, which has high levels of working class and BAMER young people.


    Young people, aged 15-25 in three areas of the UK, Manchester/Margate/London will directly benefit from the project. We will seek 5050 Gender balance across funded opportunities and look to achieve 50% BAMER young people engaging across all activity. We will prioritise young people from working class backgrounds and work in areas like Margate where cultural opportunities are limited (especially theatre). Young people will connect with peers across the UK boosting their networks.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Boundless Theatre is a registered charity. We create exhilarating, relevant work for and with young adults. Since 2001 we have toured 25 productions of world class theatre to thousands of young audiences. European projects connect hundreds of young people from diverse backgrounds. Our school projects empower hard to reach young people, with very limited engagement in professional theatre. At the heart of Boundless is our Advisory Group, 10 15-25 year olds (80% BAME) who inform all our work

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Rob Drummer

    Artistic Director and Project Lead for Future Now

    Zoe Lally

    Executive Producer and Project Lead for Future Now

    Kirsten Peters Roebuck

    Producer and responsible for delivery of events and surgeries at Boundless Theatre

    Debora Tutta

    Digital Producer and responsible for digital content and capture throughout the project.


will pay for 1 young person to receive creative career mentoring for a year

From the point of view of the students, it had a more profound effect than any other project.

College Tutor