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Project information


This is a fun fitness and health education project for vulnerable and deprived young people in Hackney who are living unhealthy lifestyles and are/at risk of becoming overweight/obese. We'll engage over 100 teens providing weekly aerobics, dance and cookery classes culminating in a countryside trip

April 2019 - September 2019

Charity information: Activiteens

  • Need


    These young people are either overweight/at risk of becoming overweight and are developing bad eating/living habits that will affect the rest of their lives. Poor socioeconomic backgrounds increase their risk of obesity. Teens who are obese often develop an inferiority complex, may not be good at sports and have lower rates of school attendance leading to exclusion. They're often the brunt of much bullying besides being at risk of developing many illnesses such as diabetes.


    This project will engage 150 teens aged 13-16 in aerobics and fitness sessions, dance classes and nutrition & cookery classes culminating in a hiking trip in the summer.

    The weekly aerobics sessions and dancing classes will increase their agility, physical stamina and cardiovascular endurance leading to improved fitness and weight loss. Additionally, the weekly cookery classes will give them the skills to cook healthy meals and snacks empowering them to make healthier food choices.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    To revolutionise the sedentary lifestyle of young people supporting them to achieve healthy habits.


    » Weekly aerobics and fitness sessions (lasting an hour each) will increase their agility, physical stamina and cardiovascular endurance.
    » Weekly dance classes (lasting an hour each) will further improve their motor coordination, agility and physical stamina.
    » 3-day hiking retreat providing hands-on healthy meal planning experience; exercise and sporting activities and healthy living and eating discussions.

    What success will look like

    At least 140 sedentary deprived young people will become more active, agile and healthy creating a bond between diverse young people suffering from similar health related issues.

    Aim 2

    To stem the rising tide of obesity by empowering young people to develop healthy eating habits.


    » Weekly cookery classes (lasting 90 minutes each) where they'll gain skills in cooking healthy meals, kitchen safety and food hygiene

    What success will look like

    Success will be over 100 young people gaining accreditation in cookery replete with a portfolio of instruction sheets, recipes & photos equipping them to maintain new skills.

  • Impact


    This project will teach our young people the skills to fight the disease of ill health that affects them and so many others. We will thus be creating a healthy lifestyle phenomena in the community since young people gravitate to new trends, by encouraging our beneficiaries to spread the word of the importance of healthier lifestyles, they will be influencing the community at large impacting the lifestyle and attitude of the future generation.


    There is a risk that not all beneficiaries will be motivated or capable of developing their skills and this would compromise on the atmosphere and success of the sessions. We have instituted measures to control this risk recruiting an extra volunteer youth worker to attend all sessions to encourage individuals to develop their maximum potential by providing them with extra guidance where necessary.


    We will be e-mailing a monthly newsletter to the funders of this project displaying photographs of the activities and sharing the successes of the project. All donors will be thanked in project reports and the organisations annual report.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £19,160

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      Amount Heading Description
      £6,540 Salaries Exercise & aerobics instructor, dancing teacher, cookery teacher, sessional youth workers
      £3,580 Facilities Rent of premises for classes, Hire of accommodation for retreat
      £6,160 Resources Ingredients for cookery classes, disposables, cleaning equipment, exercise mats, food for volunteers
      £380 Publicity 4 adverts
      £2,500 Transport Transport to retreat
  • Background


    The project will take place in Hackney, a London Borough with high levels deprivation and overcrowding. The young people in this area hardly enjoy opportunities for recreation/sport so crucial for their health and fitness. Poor socioeconomic backgrounds make them much more at risk for developing obesity leading to alarming obesity rates with minimal participation in sports. These young people are at high risk for many serious illnesses, social exclusion, low self-esteem and becoming NEET.


    Vulnerable and deprived young people in Hackney who are living unhealthy lifestyles and are or are at risk of becoming overweight.These young people are developing bad eating habits that will negatively affect the rest of their lives. A survey by the City & Hackney, Health & Well-being profile 2014 shows alarming obesity rates in Hackney. We must curb this astonishing trend during the critical teenage years to create long-lasting change.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    Activiteens has carried out this project successfully for the last decade. This has increased our popularity and many schools and youth workers refer to us young people in need of such services. Our projects have been well managed and the positive feedback we consistently receive indicate the satisfaction of beneficiaries as well as the quality of service provision. Service users assist us in evaluating our projects so that we can ensure that they influence future provision.

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    Mrs Chavi Erlanger

    Mrs Erlanger has been the programme manager at Activiteens since its start. She will manage the project ensuring quality provision.

    Mrs Rivka Tseisel

    Rifka has been delivering popular cookery & nutrition classes for over a decade and has greatly impacted the lifestyles of hundreds of young people.

    Mrs Rifka Brander

    Rifka is a qualified fitness instructor who has been engaging our members, as well as many others in the area, in exciting aerobics & fitness classes.