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Project information

Empowering impoverished women in Darfur

To change the lives of the most impoverished women in remote villages of Darfur, Sudan, by introducing sustainable projects which enable them to improve the standard of living for their family, especially the children, as well as improving their status and giving them a voice in their communities.

January 2019 - May 2020

Charity information: Kids for Kids

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  • Need


    In remote villages in Darfur, men have authority; women do household work, childcare, collecting water & farming. With no income, women are not respected or treated as equals, have no say on village matters. In hard times, such as current failed harvests, they are often left alone, in appalling conditions, while men go in search of income. If women can earn a living, they can make decisions for themselves & their children for the first time ever and end the cycle of poverty for their families.


    Goat Loans and Donkeys improve the health of their children (goat’s milk) while enabling women to earn an income. Income gives women freedom of choice, ability to make decisions for their family for the first time ever & changes their status. Incorporating Animal Husbandry & Paravet training in the project, ensures animals have the best possible survival chance, so women continue earning long term. Committees running the projects have a majority of women members, giving them a voice and status.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Enable women to earn their own income, at the same time as improving the health of their children.


    » Lend goats to the poorest women in villages, selected by the communities, so they can build a flock. Milk, yogurt & male kids can be sold for income.
    » Provide a donkey, the only transport in Darfur, key in enabling women to earn income. They carry produce to market, help collect water & pull ploughs.

    What success will look like

    Poorest 15% of women in a village have a flock of approx 13+ goats from which they feed milk to their children & earn a living. They will be making decisions for their families.

    Aim 2

    Give women the skills needed to make their income sustainable.


    » Provide Animal Husbandry training for beneficiaries and their children to ensure animals are properly cared for in the long term.
    » Train Paravets in each village and provide a Revolving Veterinary Drug package in order to keep animals as healthy as possible.

    What success will look like

    Two trained Paravets in each village and all animal beneficiaries have received Animal Husbandry training and are maintaining healthy livestock.

    Aim 3

    Increase equality for women within their villages.


    » Agreement by the village to our Project Implementation Manual with ingrained gender equality rules.
    » Train women to be able to run committees and make crucial decisions for their communities.
    » Establish Animal Loan Committees to oversee the projects which will have a majority of women members including the Chairman.

    What success will look like

    Animal Loan Committees are established with women actively involved in their running.

  • Impact


    Our project gives women ability to earn income & improve their status in the villages. Their children will be healthier & go to school. Their lives are changed and, in the long-term, the lives of future generations, to end the poverty cycle. Goat Loans passed on to the next poorest women each 2 years will empower even more to make these changes.
    Success will be demonstrated by lifting families out of poverty, enabling children to get an education & women to take an active part in community life.


    Animal ill health, poor care, or looting: Training supported by local Programme Manager in Darfur who is a trained vet. We brand our animals so they can be easily identified.
    Women excluded from projects: All our projects are run according to a Project Implementation Manual which has gender equality rules for the Committees ingrained & details that beneficiaries must be women. We will not adopt a village unless the Manual has been signed and men agree that women will be given equal opportunity.


    We report to our donors twice a year on progress in villages & occasional emails with major updates. We disseminate news via our website & social media. We present to groups to update them & show how funds have been spent, as well as holding a Friends Event for donors with Presentation & questions.

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £52,568

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      Amount Heading Description
      £30,800 Nanny Goat Loans Providing 5 nanny goats per family
      £3,825 Billy Goat Loans Providing 1 billy goat per 3 families
      £9,240 Donkeys Providing 1 donkey per family
      £500 Animal Loan Committee Training in running Committees and decision making
      £250 Animal Husbandry Training for all beneficiaries and their children. 2 sessions per village.
      £3,700 Paravets Training for 2 Paravets per village
      £1,750 Veterinary drugs 1 Rotating Veterinary drugs fund per village
      £2,503 Management & Administration Running costs for the project
  • Background


    Remote villages of Darfur, Sudan, are a desert landscape & children walk miles for water. With serious conflict for 14 years, soaring inflation (60.9% May), massive currency devaluation & drought across the region. No village health care & rural hospitals are rudimentary, limited or basic education, no electricity. No roads mean local transport is by foot or donkey. Men dominate society. With no income, women have no equality or respect, no say in village matters & no power over their own lives.


    The focus for the project is 5 villages adopted in 2018 with a total of 1,023 families. We will provide help to the poorest 15% of families, as identified democratically by the communities. Initially 154 families, representing 924 adults and children, will benefit. These will be families with children under 5, no or few animals, few possessions and often single parent families with no father. At the end of each 2 year goat loan, a further 154 families will benefit by receiving goats.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are the only charity providing help to villages in one of the most challenging areas of the world. Other charities were expelled in 2013 or work with IDP camps. Our model is unique, working closely with local leaders. We empower & teach villages to run projects, identified by them as most effective. Impact is long term & sustainable. We have a small local team training & monitoring, with volunteers from villages. We have carried out similar transformative projects in 87 villages in Darfur.

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Patricia Parker MBE

    CEO and Chairman of Trustees. She has been implementing sustainable grass roots projects in Darfur since 2001, in daily touch with our team in Darfur.

    Dr Salim Ahmed Salim

    Programme Manager in Darfur. Veterinary Doctor. He works closely with Patricia to plan, deliver and monitor projects via village committees.

    Hassan Mehisi

    Project Officer in Darfur. Responsible for day to day administration, contact with communities, maintaining accounts, statistics etc.

    Adam Sebil

    Chair Kids for Kids Steering Committee Darfur, leads Village Leaders Committee oversees projects &, with Dr Salim, negotiates with Darfur authorities.