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Project information

Providing Safe Spaces for homeless children

Glad's House want to ensure that every street child in Mombasa, Kenya has spaces they can access without fear or persecution where they can play, relax and enjoy themselves and have access to adults that they can turn to on a daily basis for support and guidance.

1 year

Charity information: Glad's House

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  • Need


    Mombasa County Government currently has no effective policies to support homeless children and young people, Instead it chooses to criminalise them, operating mass round ups or individual arrests where they are detained for the 'crime' of being homeless. This creates a vicious cycle where children move between the street, prisons & institutions. They have no space to play, relax or be together without fear of persecution, abuse or arrest.


    Street and Outreach work is at the heart of Glad’s House – in 2006 we started as a street based Organisation to ensure that every child and young person could access support, not just those that were able to move into residential units.
    Our Project will ensure that every child and young person living on the streets of Mombasa has access to space and activities to play and also support from Glad's House staff if they want it.

  • Aims

    Aim 1

    Ensure street children in Mombasa can access safe spaces and adults they trust on a daily basis


    » Deliver street work sessions on a daily basis - during the day and night
    » Deliver 4 sessions a week of Mobile School in the City Centre and on the Dumpsite
    » Deliver 3 sessions of Street Education per week
    » Support the delivery of 3 Street Soccer sessions a week

    What success will look like

    Success will be children and young people engaging in activities and remaining engaged. They will also demonstrate increased self esteem and engagement in other prgrammes

  • Impact


    The project will ensure that children and young people are able to to engage positively in activities that ensure they can play, relax and have adults that they can talk to. Creating these spaces will increase self esteem through positive engagement and open and honest discussions. Long term we will see the confidence and self worth of the children and young people we support increase which in turn leads to them making positive choices in their lives and for their futures.


    There is a small risk that we may be stopped using on of our sites for our Outreach Programme. We have permits for all our sites and strong relationships with the County Government . If we do need to relocate one activity the Government should be able to provide us with a new site.


    Donors will receive a quarterly email update with information on the activities and progress Glad's House and the children and young people we support are making

  • Budget

    Budget - Project Cost: £16,636

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      Amount Heading Description
      £938 Day Street Work Holding 4 sessions per week of street work in the City Centre of Mombasa
      £413 Night Street Work Holding 1 session per week of street work in the City Centre of Mombasa during the evening
      £1,125 Health Provision Supplies to ensure every child and young person can access First Aid and medical treatment
      £1,219 Mobile School Costs Costs for the vehicle to move around the Mobile School. Costs include fuel, parking and maintenance
      £7,991 3 x Street Workers Delivering all sessions in our Outreach Sessions and supporting children on 1:1 basis
      £3,300 Head of Street Work Overseeing all elements of the Programme and Case Managing children and young people
      £1,650 Management and Admin Costs Costs for Management and reporting time
  • Background


    This project will work on the streets and dumpsites of Mombasa, Kenya.


    Children and young people living on the streets of Mombasa. They are subject to all forms of abuse, violence and exploitation – often perpetrated by adults who refer to them as 'Chokora' which means scavenger. They are told on a daily basis that they are worthless, eroding their self-worth and self-esteem. They experience persecution from local communities, government and even their own families.

  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We are best placed to carry out this work as we have been working on the streets of Mombasa for 12 years which has enabled us to have a clear picture of the situation and current issues on the street and to react to them immediately. It is through outreach work that we build trusting relationships. We have a thorough understanding of the complexities of childrens lives on the streets, on dumpsites and in prisons and have existing relationships of trust Government Departments and other partners

    Read more about the Charity running this project.


    Bokey Achola

    Country Director Oversees all our work and spent 20 years as a Street Worker!

    Liz Mnengwa

    Head of Programmes Liz oversees all our Programmes and ensures they are delivered to the highest standard

    Kevin Mugwanga

    Head of Outreach Kevin oversees all our Outreach Work and delivers sessions of all our activities alongside our fantastic team of street workers!

    Abdul, Janet, Irene And Beka

    Our amazing team of Street Workers!


pays for a month of First Aid Equipment for children and young people

"If it wasn't for Glad's House, I would have died today"

Thomas, 16